How Much Time have You Spent on Facebook?

Time Magazine has developed this amazing application, through which anyone can know that how much time has he spent on Facebook since his joining Facebook till now. The concept is interesting but the results are very surprising. You would not believe that you have wasted so much time on FB, the total time may be many days or months or maybe hundreds of days if you use FB too much. 

Use TIME's Calculator to see how many days of your life have been lost on Facebook.
It will simply connect with your Facebook account and give you the resulted time in the format of days, hours and minutes, it will also show you your FB joining date and your total posts on Facebook.
Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday on 04 February 2014. Facebook was started on 4 February 2004 in a room of Harvard University, the USA by Mark Zuckerberg. Now about 1.1 billion people of this world use Facebook. Facebook never give any data about the time consumed by its users.

Developers of Time Magazine developed this app to calculate the time spent by users on Facebook. Visit the following link to go on the application page

Here you will see NEXT button in a bigger rectangle, click it. It will ask you to connect via Facebook, click OK. It will start calculating and give results in the form of:
You have wasted __ Days __ Hours __ Minutes since ____ date. 

Here are my results when I check mine.
Time Wasted on Facebook
Facebook Time Calculator
Please share your time in comments spent on Facebook as calculated by this calculator.

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