Dec 15, 2013

30 Million Free Energy Savers to be distributed by Government of Pakistan

Free Energy Savers
Government of Pakistan has launched World'd Biggest Free Energy Savers Program through which 30 millioin energy savers will be distributed among Pakistani homes. This is called Prime Minister Energy Saver Program. Two energy savers will be given to every home free of cost.

This environment friendly is an initiative towards the end of loadshedding. It is expected that upon completion of this scheme, 1000 MW of electricity will be saved. It will not only decrease load shedding but also lessen domestic electricity bills by saving about PKR 1600 annually per home. Two energy saver lights will be granted upon receiving of 2 common mercury bulbs. These energy savers will also hold warranty of 2 years and you will get free replacement  if any of these become non-functional during this period.

free energy savers in Pakistan
Prime Minister Energy Saver Program

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