Pakistan's first CubeSat Satellite launched Successfully

Institute of Space Technology (IST) launched Pakistan's first CubeSat Satellite, iCube-1 on Russian on-board Dnepr launch vehicle on Thursday 21 November 2013 from Yasny Launch Base, Russia. IST became one of the few universities in the world that have achieved this milestone. iCUBE-1 is designed to take low-resolution images of earth and other space objects from polar orbit 600 km above the surface of the earth. Several sensors are installed on it to collect data for scientific purposes. iCUBE-1 is a fully autonomous satellite and is capable of maintaining its health via its onboard computer. This satellite has a mass of 1.1kg and volume of just 10cm cube.

Today on Friday, within 24 hrs of its launch, the first signal from iCube-1 has been received in the United Kingdom.

Though this is a very small sized and limited scope satellite but it has opened new horizons in space technology for Pakistan as it will give confidence to researchers and scientists while it will motivate science students.

Project Manager Qamar Islam with IST Team in Laboratory 

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