Why Mona Lizza became Sara Loren in Bollywood?

Mona Lizza is one of the very famous Pakistani actresses. She was born on 11 December 1985 in a Pakistani Muslim family who was settled in Kuwait. She started her career as a model in Fair & Lovely commercial in 2003 and then appeared in many Pakistani TV serials. In 2010, she made her entry in the Bollywood film world in 2010 in the film “Kajraare”. She has done item songs in Movies “Saltanat” and “Love Mein Gum”, and also acted in “Murder 3”, “Anjuman” and “Gidh” and many other projects are in progress.

Mona Lizza changed her name to Sara Loren last year. Her fans in Pakistan and India have different opinions about her new name but many of them don’t know the exact reason. Here we unveiled the secret/reason behind changing her name. Read why she suddenly felt that she had to change her name and why she has chosen Sara Loren? 

Answering a question of Express Tribune Magazine, she enlightens that Mona Lizza has become a very common name and so many Mona Lizza come up when you search the name on the internet. And since she was starting over in Bollywood, she considered having a new stage name. She went to a Numerologist who told her that there was an issue with the two Z’s in Lizza. She thought “Maybe that’s why I didn’t get the kind of fame that I deserved in the past seven years.” She used Italian actress Sophia Loren’s name for inspiration. 

It is very usual for showbiz personnel to change their names after joining showbiz. There are many examples e.g. Noor Jahan (Allah Rakhi) and Meera (Irtiza Rubab) etc. 

She born in Kuwait brought up in Karachi and now she is a Mumbai girl. Let’s see her new city (Mumbai), a new film industry (Bollywood) and a new name (Sara Loren) become lucky for her.

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