Latest News about Pay and Salaries in Budget 2013-14

Every year government employees wait for annual fiscal budget and off-course their main concern is about the increase in pay packages and allowances and other facilities etc which Federal  Government of Pakistan and other provincial governments announces for their employees. Different type of news and rumors spreads and people usually talk many times in a day about this topic in offices. So we here made an effort to publish all the news which came from reliable news sources e.g. Pakistani Newspapers.

Here are all the latest and updated news about the increase in salaries, allowance and pensions in upcoming Budget 2013-14 for Pakistan. We will continue to publish all news as soon as we get it.

15-06-2013 Update: Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has announced an increase of 10 percent in the salaries of all employees of Federal Government of Pakistan.

Updated on 14-06-2013: A committee has been constituted for an increase in salaries of government employees.

Daily Jang Rawalpindi (14-06-2013)

Updated on 12-06-2013: As per budget speech of Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in the Parliament House today, There is no increase in salaries of Government Employees. Even no allowance has been increased or added. However, Pension has been increased 10 percent and the minimum pension has been raised from 3000 to 5000 Pak Rupees.

Punjab government has decided an increase of 15% in the salaries of government employees in the upcoming budget. The following news was published in Daily Express of 29 May, 2013.

Below is a piece of news about an increase in salaries in the next budget, which is published in Daily Express on 21-05-2013.

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