Online Voting System developed for Overseas Pakistanis

Online Voting System for Overseas Pakistanis
National Database and Registration Authority of Pakistan (NADRA) has developed a software for electronic voting for upcoming election 2013. This software is designed on the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan. It will facilitate overseas Pakistanis to cast their votes.

National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is issued to overseas Pakistanis. NICOP Card will be required to cast your vote via online e-voting system. 

Currently, about 4.5 million Pakistanis have NICOP Card which is required to cast your vote using an electronic voting system or e-voting software. More details will be updated soon, however as per available information this mechanism will be available at least in those foreign countries where a large number of Pakistani nationals reside e.g. UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada and European Union etc. Polling Stations will be made in Embassies and Consuls of Pakistan in these countries. Internet Voting System is another system which provides the facility to voters at their doorstep.
Millions of Pakistanis are living abroad for their jobs or businesses and those are very loyal to Pakistan and are much concerned about the political situation of the country. In the past, they were not given the vote right in elections but now it is hoped that a proper mechanism will be established before the commencement of general elections.

Many international companies have already prepared electronic voting systems and are being used by many countries. Even some countries have used different electronic voting systems within the country for the public.

Earlier, while hearing the case of giving voting rights to overseas Pakistanis, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry remarked that Chairman NADRA should resign if fails to provide the voting facility to Pakistanis living abroad. 

Tariq Malik, Chairman NADRA told media that NADRA has designed voting software and a briefing will be given to Supreme Court tomorrow on Monday 01 April 2013. He further said that suggestions and recommendations of Political Parties and Election Commission of Pakistan will also be taken in this regard. NADRA also helped ECP to establish a scrutiny system to filter election candidates who are tax defaulters or have dual nationality. About 20 million people have checked their votes in polling lists via NADRA. Chairman NADRA said that NADRA can help HEC to computerize degrees records.


  1. This is indeed great for all Pakistani. Having this kind of software is indeed helpful for them to preserve their right of suffrage. But the big question is, are the ballots safe with this? The Pakistan government must ensure that no one could alter any information with regards to the ballots so as to ensure a safe and fair elections. Thanks for posting this update!

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