Top-20 Amazing Optical Illusions Photos

If you see the following optical illusions, you will not believe in your own eyes. These are not only images but a tool to test your eyesight and mental health.
Here are some of the best images/ pictures in the category of optical illusions. 

Image# 1
How many faces are in this picture?

Image# 2
Which of the following discs is faster?

Image# 3
Red lines are straight or not?

Image# 4
Physically impossible triangle with dices

Image# 5
How many black dots in this image?

Image# 6
Purple lines in this image are straight or bend?

Image# 7
Pulsating Optical Illusion

Image# 8
Which man is taller? Actually, the height of all the men is the same but it looks that person on back is taller than others.

Image# 9
Stare on the black dot and you will see that rest black shade will disappear gradually.

Image# 10
Believe me that both vertical lines are of same size! 

Image# 11
Both circles in centers also have the same diameter!

Image# 12
Focus on the circle while moving your head left right, it will make you feel dizzy. 

Image# 13
Impossible Columns by Jos de Mey
Find what's wrong with columns in this picture? Is this physically possible?

Image# 14
What are the colors of squares in upper and lower arrows? Squares on the upper image look orange while in the lower image looks red but both are exactly the same colors.

Now following are some pictures which are the proofs of Photographers' expertise. You too can try to take some good pics like these by using your camera.

Image# 15
Biggest Coke Bottle Illusion

Image# 16
All water of a stream in a cup

Image# 17
Can you take a picture like this one?

Image# 18
On Sand or In the Air

Image# 19
Recognize Boy and Girl

Image# 20

How do you find these Optical Illusions?

We are anxiously waiting for your comments, answers or solutions of these illusions. Write your feedback in the comments section.

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