Meeting for New Revised Pay Scales will be Held on Friday

Federal Ministry of Finance has called a high level meeting on Friday 26 October, 2012 to review new revised pay scales and to introduce Unified Pay Scales for government servants. This had to be finalize upto 15 October but delayed because Finance Secretary was on tour to Japan. Ministry of Finance will submit final report to PAC (Public Accounts Committee) for review and then to Prime Minister for final approval. 

A handsome package of pay and allowances will soon be announced by federal government of Pakistan. Government want to give maximum relief to government employees before upcoming general elections. 

There are several proposals in the news these days, few more prominent are following three:
  1. One of the proposals is that "merge all previous adhoc relief allowance in the basic pay and implement new pay scales 2012"
  2. Second proposal is to eliminate additional 100% allowances in some departments and then distribute these saving to all employees equally.
  3. Another proposal is to double the pay of those departments which are already not getting double pay.
There are also various other proposals such as to revise the pension rules. Monetization of housing facility and monetization of conveyance allowance is also expected in upcoming package.

Following is a Urdu news cutting from a Newspaper.


  1. govt of pakistan should inforce the govt of punjab to give the pay scale of all elementary school teachers according to faderal elementary teachers"16"scale .Because they also have equal qualification of faderal schools elementary teachers.

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