How to Make Free Calls to Pakistan via Skype

Free Calls to Pakistan

Call rates to Pakistan have been recently increased several times higher than previous call rates to Pakistan after the implementation of International Clearing House. Visit my following post about this at the following link.

Costly calls have made the life of overseas Pakistanis and their families miserable. So, we thought to write some useful and authentic ways to make calls to Pakistan and chosen Skype as the first option. 

Free Calls to Pakistan via Skype

Skype is a popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service. It allows people to communicate via audio calls, video calls or Instant Messages. Many people are already aware of this service and also using it but this service is still new for many people. Skype charges for calls to landline and cellular networks while Skype to Skype internet calls are free. Here we will discuss only the free services of Skype. It's free to call anyone else on Skype when he is logged in. 
Free Calls to Pakistan via Skype
Free Calls to Pakistan via Skype

How to Create Your Skype Account and Get it Working?

  1. Click Here to register your Skype account.
  2. Click Here to download Skype for Windows. You can also download Skype for Mac, Linux and other operating systems by clicking on the related link at the bottom of Skype website. You can visit from your mobile to get Skype Application for your Android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows or other mobile phones.
  3. Connect a headphone or speakers with mic to your PC. Also, connect Webcam if you want to make video calls too.
  4.  After installing the Skype on your computer, sign in with your user ID and password.
  5. Add your contacts by using their phone number, email, full name and Skype Name.
  6. Now you can make unlimited free Skype to Skype internet calls to Pakistan and international calls from anywhere around the world.
  7. You can make your first call of 5 minutes to a landline number in one of several destinations.

You can make calls to mobile phones or landline telephone numbers by paying charges. You can also install Skype on your smartphone and it will work to make free Skype to Skype calls.


  1. I wanted to know how to make Cheap Calls to Pakistan from australia with best possible calling rates and cut the cost of my phone bills immediately.

  2. AnonymousJune 30, 2013

    a0a. plz tell me k agar facebook comment mein skype name use karna ho to kis tra say ho ga.

    1. skype k sath fb b sign in hojata hy kr k daikh lo

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  4. i want to know the skype calling rates within pakistan. That is on UFone, Telenor, PTCL etc. per minutes calling rates

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