Jul 10, 2012

Free Mobile SIMs for Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Free Mobile phone SIMs for Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims at Khana Kaaba
Khana Kaaba

Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims will get a free mobile phone SIM from a Saudi Arabian mobile phone operator, Mobily. These SIMs will be given to pilgrims to stay connected with their family at home. Hajeej International and Aroma Group of Companies jointly sponsored this scheme of free SIMs. Now Pakistani Hujjaj and Umrah Pilgrims will perform their religious duties more devotedly and with more peace of mind while previously a pilgrim spent a lot of time to buy a local SIM to use while his stay in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that Pakistani telecom operators also offer many attractive packages for Hajj, including free international roaming activation, less roaming charges and free SMS receiving on their Pakistani SIMs during roaming in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani companies also offers competitive call rates during hajj every year and it is hoped that new affordable rates will also be announced this year.

While according to NDTV report, The Hajj Committee of India will also distribute free SIMs of a Saudi Telecom Company among Hajj Pilgrims of this year. These SIMs will be distributed with the help of Saudi Government. These SIMs will carry important telephone numbers of Hajj Committee of India, Indian Officials in Makkah, Hospital and Emergency telephone numbers.

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