Jun 18, 2012

Top-10 Pakistani Social Networking Websites

Top-10 Social Networks of Pakistan

Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are three most popular social networks not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. These three are the leaders of social networking but there are many other social networks e.g. Pinterest, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Friendster, MySpace etc which are also popular and gaining more popularity day by day. 

Here we are not going to discuss any social network with international fame having worldwide users. Here we will only enlist local social media networks of Pakistan which are developed mainly for Pakistanis. 

Here is a list of Top Pakistani Social Networks.
Social Networking Websites in Pakistan
Social Media in Pakistan

1. Reffra.com

Reffra.com is a social networking, blogging and video sharing community. Members are provided with an interactive experience which encompasses blogging as well as forums within their personal profiles and includes group chats audio and video with friends in addition to the standard features like groups, polls, events etc. In addition to the web presence on ground chapters across various communities are also being created through Reffra Foundation platform for welfare activities.

2. Pring

Pring is the fastest growing social network of Pakistan. Users can post their status and receive updates of other via SMS on their mobile phones and on website also. Users cans also get registered either via sending an SMS to 9900 or visiting pringit.com website. This network is a beautiful combination of internet and cellular networks.
You can join my network by sending SMS "Follow PakistanHotline" to 9900.

3. Naseeb

Naseeb is also a Pakistani Social Site focused on providing match making services to its users. Naseeb lets you create three different profiles so that you can control your information sharing. You can find your partner by advance search options and interact with them.

4. Campus.pk

Campus.pk is social network of Pakistani students. Many colleges and universities are featured on this website. User Students, Photos, Videos and News are categorized college wise.
Campus.pk - Social Network Site for Pakistani Students
Campus.pk - Social Network Site for Pakistani Students

5. Stop.pk

It is more than just an ordinary social site. You can create groups and blogs, add quizzes and events, enjoy videos and audio. It has also Store, Classifieds and Forum sections.

6. Circle.pk

Circle.pk is also a Pakistani social media site. Its design and many features are similar to Pakzzle. Concept and idea of Circle is very unique, it is based on creating social circle for every user.

More Pakistani social networks will be added here whenever we found new quality social networks. Some websites e.g. MeraWatan.pk, Pakzzle.com, Zoobeedu.com are being deleted from this list as these are not available to its users at this time when we checked these websites, these websites were also included initially. 
You can ask us to add any new or existing quality Pakistani social network.

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