Pakistan Developers Challenge 2012 - A Golden Opportunity for Pakistani Developers

Pakistan Developers' Challenge 2012

Wi-tribe Bazaar offers a great opportunity for Pakistani Software and Mobile App Developers. Wi-tribe Bazaar is holding this contest, in collaboration with HEC Pakistan, Microsoft, Intel, Dell and P@sha, to encourage Pakistani Students and Developers. You can develop software for Microsoft Windows and mobile applications for Android, Nokia and BlackBerry

How to Participate in PDC 2012?

Here are some basic guidelines to participate in PDC 2012:
  • Read terms and conditions for PDC 2012
  • Register yourself with wi-tribe
  • After registration PDC organizers will email you and ask you to send software and developer agreement to them.
  • Your software will then be published on wi-tribe Bazaar for download, rating by public and promotion.
PDC 2012
PDC 2012

Categories for Developing Software and Applications

You can develop a software or mobile app for 1 of 9 categories having about 34 sub-categories. Here are some of the major categories and sub-categories:
  1. Anti Virus and Anti Spam Tools
  2. Business
  3. Communication (Chat and Instant Messaging, Email, Web/ Video Cams)
  4. Games
  5. Graphics (Animation Tools, Design Editors etc...)
  6. Internet and Networking (Browsers, Download Managers, FTP Clients etc...)
  7. Mobile Applications for Android, BlackBerry and Nokia
  8. PC Widgets and Gadgets
  9. System Utilities

PDC Prizes and Awards

PDC offers 17 different prizes based on the following categories:

Major Awards

  • PDC 2012 Grand prize (Rs. 100,000)
  • Runner up – Best Software (Rs. 50,000)
  • Best Student Software (Rs. 30,000)
  • Most Popular Software (Highest number of downloads) (Rs. 10,000)
  • Highest Rating (Best ratings submitted) (Rs. 10,000)

Exclusive Jury Awards

  • Best concept (Rs. 25,000)
  • Best design and UI (Rs. 25,000)

9 Awards of Rs. 10, 000 for Best of Each Category

Biggest Contributor Institute Award

This Rs.100,000 award will go to an institute with the highest number of submissions.

PDC also promises exciting opportunities for developers except for the above prizes. 

Final Words

If you are a developer or think that you can develop a software or application, you should come forward and must participate in this challenge. Maybe it can give a boost to your career.
Conducting such a challenge in Pakistan is a very good step and we should appreciate and encourage its organizers.
If you want to share your words with the public, write it in the comments box below.


  1. The event sounds like a great spot for networking as well. I was wondering, as I am considering flying in from the US, what the safety concerns are. Thank you.

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