Social Service Organizations in Pakistan

Introduction of a Social Service Organization:
Social service means service performed in a spirit of selflessness. It is the service of humanity. It is a voluntary action. It is done without any return or reward. It is based on the love for mankind. It develops fellowship among the people. Its sphere is very vast. Financial, physical and intellectual sides are included in it. It contains a vast range of activities.
When an organized group of people do social activities, This organized group is called Social Service Organization or also called as NGO.

Social Service Organizations/ NGO’s in Pakistan:
There is a lot of social service NGO’s in Pakistan. Some of them are listed below:
  • Al-Kubra Welfare Organization
  • Al Karim Welfare Society
  • Al-Akhter Trust International
  • Arab-Pakistani Fund
  • Fatima Jinnah Trust
  • Friends of Pakistan
  • Hamdard Foundation
  • Human Rights Welfare Organization
  • Al-Falah Welfare Organization

Some celebrities have established their own NGO’s as well. These trusts and organizations have also played a vital role in the betterment of people of Pakistan.
  • Sahara Trust of Abrar ul Haq (Singer)
  • Zindagi Trust of Shahzad Roy (Singer)
  • Ansar Burney Trust
  • Chippa Welfare Association and Ambulance Service
  • Edhi Foundation is a world-famous NGO. Abdul Sitar Edhi is its President and founder of the NGO. He established his first clinic in 1951 and now this NGO has its centers all over the country.

Many international organizations e.g. USAID etc. are also doing social activities in Pakistan.
We are aware that there are many other well renowned NGOs that are not listed here. If you know about any other reputed NGO, please write its name and scope of work in the comments section.

Role of Students in Social Service Activities:
Young people are the asset of a nation.  They are energetic and enthusiastic. They need the correct leadership and proper platform, for social work. Our students can do a great job in this field. They can reduce the work burden of the government. They want to do social service. It is just needed, that they should be told how to utilize their time and abilities.

During summer vacation students are free and they spend their time aimlessly. And after taking an examination and in winter holidays the same story is repeated. They have ample time for social work, but they waste it due to the lack of proper guidance.  It is the duty of teachers and elders, that they should tell the students and the younger about the importance of social work. 

In school and colleges, students should be organized for this purpose. They should be enlisted in social service groups. And these groups should be assigned various projects of social service. The atmosphere of compaction in this field can encourage the students to do more and more work. If they are reminded that it is a noble deed and will be rewarded by ALLAH, they will participate in it eagerly. 

If they are treated properly, they can start an adult literacy campaign in vacations. They can plan other programs of social work like cleanliness, family planning and health. Girls can set up vocational training workshops in their homes.  They should teach the ladies knitting and swing. 

Most of our villagers are illiterate, they should be taught about basic reading, writing, calculations, sign boards etc
In short, the field of social service is unlimited. It has many aspects and vast scope. If we guide, stimulate, encourage and appreciate young people, they can do miracles in this field.

Written by: Muhammad Ali Malik 


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