PTCL Jadoo Box - Uninterrupted Internet Connection with DSL and 3G Evo

PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Limited) has brought to its customers ‘Jadoo Box’. PTCL Jadoo Box is a device that gives continuous connectivity on wired DSL as well as backup wireless.

PTCL Jadoo Box is offered in 3 packages, which gives residential and commercial customers unlimited and uninterrupted Internet connectivity through a combination of DSL, EVO Nitro and unlimited voice connectivity together. Jadoo box provides uninterrupted connectivity by using wired DSL as a primary connection while a wireless connectivity as a backup.

PTCL Jadoo Box - Offer Details
PTCL Jadoo Box comes with:
  1. DSL Internet Connection
  2. An EVO Nitro USB device as backup
  3. Wi-Fi Connectivity
  4. Free On-Net calls from PTCL to PTCL and Vfone

PTCL Jadoo Box – Key Features
Following are the key features of PTCL Jadoo Box:
  • Uninterrupted internet connectivity with DSL as primary and EVO as backup connection
  • Multiple Users can have access to internet simultaneously through a single connection
  • Integrate your IP telephony with value added features
  • PTCL Jadoo Box also works as Ethernet switch that enables you build residential LAN
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access to provide wireless connectivity for multiple home users
  • Auto switchover between primary and backup connectivity

PTCL Jadoo Box - Packages:
PTCL offers Jadoo Box with three different packages, you can find full details about each package in the image below.
PTCL Jadoo Box Packages

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