Salaries and Pensions of Government Employees

Salaries and Pensions of Government Employees in Pakistan
Federal Govt. of Pakistan will announce its budget for the fiscal year 2011-12 tomorrow. Any budget has so many things to discuss; tax and revenue collection, government expenditures, the share of defense, education, health and infrastructure departments but in this post we will focus on salaries and pensions of government employees. Salaries to be paid to current government employees while pension is a fund which is paid to retired employees or their family. These current and ex-government employees are the people who directly and most affected from the budget, as they have usually only this single source of income and they have to manage in their salaries and pensions.

A person needs minimum of 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month to bear monthly expenditures of his house. In the near future, I will write here on this blog, a very detailed article to discuss minimum house budget in Pakistan.

Government Employees have many high hopes from the upcoming budget to get some relief by an increase in pay package so they can compete with inflation. There are so many gossips and news about the increase in salaries and pensions that a person cannot decide which one is true. Some said that salaries will be freeze for this year and there will be no increase in salaries, some others say that an increase of 30~50% in salaries is expected while there is also much news about “Revised Pay Scales”. So, I think that we should wait until the announcement and approval of the federal budget and should not make false predictions.

Please, keep visiting this blog. I will keep you informed with the latest updates about the budget.

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