Super LED Energy Savers by Get Technologies

Super LED Energy Savers in Pakistan

About a decade ago Energy Savers were introduced in Pakistani Market to replace the old traditional bulbs and tube lights. These energy savers become popular very soon due to their long life and low electricity consumption. These Energy Savers are available in different models and power ratings; manufactured by different companies.

Super LED Energy Saver
Few months ago, a totally different substitute of all the previous lighting sources was introduced to Pakistani customers. It was named as Super NRG Saver. These Super Energy Savers are more energy efficient as compared to simple energy savers.

Super NRG Savers use LED Technology which lowers the cost and energy consumption, gives more light with less electricity consumption. Super Energy Savers are available in low power ratings as low as 3 Watts and 5 Watts.

Get Energy Pakistan offers a variety of different products; Home Lights., Commercial & Industrial Lights, Street Lights, Traffic Lights, Panel Lights etc

It is hoped that by using these Super Energy Savers in our homes and industries hundreds of Mega Watts can be saved in Pakistan.

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