Load Shedding Free Pakistan – PEPCO

Load Shedding Ended in Pakistan

PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company), which is responsible with other subsidiary companies (GEPCO, MEPCO, FESCO, LESCO, IESCO etc) for distribution of electricity in whole Pakistan except Karachi, claimed today that load shedding from whole Pakistan has been ended. At the time being, domestic consumers along with industries including Textile Industry, Ghee Industry, Flour Industry and Cement Industry are included in this so-called “Load Shedding Free Environment”. Commercial Feeders will be scheduled for a load shedding of only 1 hour daily. Director General PEPCO said that they are trying very hard to give an end to electric load shedding, totally and permanently.

It is also being reported that 4 power plant units will also be connected to the national grid in the near future, which are closed from some time.
But still, there is load shedding of 8~10 hours in Karachi. KESC (Karachi Electric Supply Corporation) is solely responsible for electric supply in Karachi. KESC said that it is hard for them to decrease electricity shortfall due to the shortage of gas supply.
It seems that this continuity of electric supply in Pakistan has become possible only due to the change in weather and not due to any management tactic or any development of PEPCO, WAPDA or any other government department. Air Conditioners are not being used at homes or offices these days due to winter season so thousands of Mega Watts Electricity is saved which is automatically result in the continuous power supply. Government is requested to make some permanent arrangements to imprison this giant of load shedding.


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