Sep 5, 2010

Western Union Money Transfer in Pakistan

Western Union  

Western Union Money Transfer offers an easiest way to send and receive money with more than 430,000 agents worldwide in more than 200 countries and territories. Western Union was founded in 1851 as the New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company.
Western union offers Consumer to Consumer, Consumer to Business and many other services.

Western Union Pakistan

You can also send and receive money throughout in Pakistan from a number of Western Union offices; Banks, GPOs, Habib Qatar Offices and Zarco Exchange Company.
Money can be sent to Pakistan from across the world in almost every currency; US Dollars, Euros, Mark, Dirham, Riyal….

How to Send Money with Western Union?

Just visit your nearest Western Union Branch or Agent. Give your amount to clerk with other information about receiver; name, CNIC number…
Clerk will give you MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).
Send this MTCN number to the receiver of the amount. And the amount will be available within minutes to any of the receiver’s nearest Western Union Center.

How to Receive Money with Western Union?

Go to your nearest Western Union Centre. Give Following Details to the WU Clerk:
  1. The amount of your payment
  2. Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for this payment
  3. Your government issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, National ID, etc)
  4. Sender's information: Name and Address
  5. Your Telephone Number and copies of your CNIC may also be asked to provide at some centers in Pakistan.

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