European Union renovate relations with Pakistan

European Union renovate relations with Pakistan
European Union is trying to patch up relations with Pakistan after the situation occurred after the remarks of British Prime Minister David Cameron against Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is exporting terror.  
The immature and undiplomatic language and poison based on unfounded gossip, and innuendo against Pakistan is seen in Europe as an awful thing. European Diplomats were shocked at the statements of the British Prime Minister.

Now the European Nations want to make compensation. The EU’s foreign policy chief, Lady Ashton, has moved Pakistan to the top of the EU agenda. Lady Ashton has urged foreign ministers in the EU to step up their support for Pakistan. It’s in the EU’s interest that we have a stable and prosperous Pakistan, but also the international community as a whole. She said that it damages the other 26 EU states what Prime Minister Cameron said.

Two of the key options would be to extend reduced tariffs to Pakistan by including it in the EU’s generalized system of preferences (GSP) scheme, or to construct a tailor-made set of trade preferences for the country, focusing on specific types of products such as textiles.

Italy had earlier this year backed offering trade incentives to the country, but was met with a lack of interest. In the wake of the floods, however, EU member states are understood now to be more sympathetic to the options.

EU’s chief diplomat in the country, Tomas Niklasson has made some important statements about Pakistan and raised the red flag in Brussels. It seems the Europeans seem to recognize the gravity of the situation.
Leigh Phillips of the Guardian prodigiously lifts the curtain on the inner workings of the European Diplomatic corps and sheds light on the new initiative being undertaken by European countries to obviate the damage that had been done to European-Pakistani relations by Prime Minister Cameron.

Pakistan is too important for the European Union to ignore and the EU’s foreign ministers should discuss it as a priority at their next meeting, the EU’s foreign policy chief said Thursday in a letter seen by the DPA.

·        The EU sees Pakistan as a key ally in issues such as counter-terrorism and the war in Afghanistan but has not yet translated that vision into concrete policy. Pakistani officials say the bloc has been too slow to offer broader benefits such as liberalized trade.
·         ‘It is my feeling that our relationship with Pakistan has untapped potential, including in the area of development assistance, counter-terrorism and trade,’ Catherine Ashton wrote ahead of an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers Sept 10-11.

Pakistan has registered its protest with the British government on the eve of Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari’s official visit to the UK. Pakistani government contacted British high commissioner to Islamabad Adam Thomson and registered its protest.

Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism and its efforts against terrorism could not be neglected. 

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