Jan 19, 2010

Search PTCL Telephone Numbers of All Pakistan

Search PTCL Telephone Numbers

You can find the PTCL number with any of the following services.

  • PhonePK by Kallpoint find telephone numbers by city, by number and by address. You can also check ISD/NWD Code of any country or any city of Pakistan here.

  • Phonebook Search by Name or Telephone Number

  • Pakistan Telephone Directory you can see name and address by entering any telephone number. Also you can get page-wise access to whole directory of any city.

Find Pakistani Telephone Numbers

How to Search PTCL Telephone Numbers of Pakistan?

Here we will reveal this secret of finding telephone number and address of any person of Pakistan. Here are some useful tips to find telephone number of any person in Pakistan.
  • Enter the full name and address of the person, whom you are finding.
  • If you don't know the exact address, you may only enter the city name.
  • If you even don't know the city then only enter the name of the person and click SEARCH.
  • You may also find the telephone number by entering only the partial name. But in this way the result will be very long and you have to do some manual search after searching of this website. It means that you can put only Uzma insteas of Uzma Khan.

I am searching for a proper method of searching Mobile Numbers of Pakistanis. But still I could not found any. As soon as I found I will share with you. If you know any method you can share by entering it into comments box.

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