Pay and Pension Committee of Pakistan- Details

Pay and Pension Committee of Pakistan is responsible for the revision of present Pay Scales and Pensions. Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Head of National Commission on Government Reforms and Former Governor State Bank of Pakistan is the Chairman of Pay and Pension Committee. There are also many sub-committees of PPC to resolve the different type of issues.

Previously it was being said that the recommendations of PPC will be implemented from 01 January 2010 but unfortunately it wouldn’t come into truth.

Now, Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said that the Summary of Pay and Pension Committee is still under process.

PPC has arranged a number of meetings to discuss the issue but failed to summarize their solutions. The economic condition of employees of both the federal and provincial governments is weekend day by day.


  1. Whereas no promotion line for the officials and officers working in the government departments (whether Federal or Provincial government)time scale promotion as well as moreover/ selection grade may put in place to end the grievances and frustration of those officials and officers have been working for the longer period on the same scale.

  2. Whereas no promotion line for the officials and officers working in the government departments (whether Federal or Provincial government) time scale promotion as well as moreover/ selection grade may put in place to end the grievances and frustration of those officials and officers have been working for the longer period on the same scale. An example is given here to open the eyes of competent Authority Mr. Muhammad Ashiq has been working as Deputy Director (Finance and Pricing) has been in a Federal Ministry since 23.06.1993, in the current circumstance it seems, in case he alive, he will be retired in 2017 on the same status.

  3. Pay and pension committee is just a way to prolong the sufferings of government employees. Why was there no pay and pension committee for the armed forced? Their pays were increased 100% from january 2010. It was done just with a stroke of executive pen. Pay and pension committee has been hatching dirty eggs since long. It couldn't get to any result because government had no intention of improving employees' salary. Now they say committee would present report in march and then government 'may' implement some of the suggestions on June budget if enough funds are available then. What a stupid and Cruel joke. Why is there no committee for increasing the prices of petrol, gas, electricity and commodities. Armed forces get housing, clothing, transport schooling for their kids and yet get 100% increase while the 'bloody civilians' get nothing. So much for the so-called civilian government.

  4. Govt. must revise the pay scales comensurating with the value of gold, and pay increase for future should be adjusted automatically with the increase of gold price, similarly pensioners who give there youth wheather civilian or military to the nation must be rewarded well so that they are not dependents in the last stage of there life. Secondly Govt should not be afraid of funds because handsome amount will again come to the Govts kitty if peoples purchasing power is increased,corruption will be reduced and efficiency of Govt employees will enhance manifolds
    Ali Raza

  5. anwarulhaq
    men of armed forces are living far from their houses.they are dieng day by day fighting against terrorist in any area of our mother land,Pakistan and also defending our boundries in one face the problems of war is too difficult for other departments of GOVT Of stand in front of hidden foe is the symbol of bravery and because of it,you are living happily with your families in peace but imagine only for few seconds at the current situation in Wazirstan.the efficiency of police is infront of you.if a policeman can get his monthly salary above than 18000 Rs meanwhile they go to their home daily and enjoys with their family.if police gets as payment then why a man of armedforces can not get 12000 per month.6000 is being provided extra than a man of armdforces to a policeman.nations love army insted of police at the base of efficiency.there are mny other problems not to be written in this paragraph. if you want to know contact me at 923017017054.

  6. Pay & Pension Commission has just disappointed the Governmnet Employees and dd nothing ,,, they are trying to prolong the matter upto budget 2010-2011......

  7. The Object of Pay & Pension Commission is just to extend the matter upto budget 2010-2010... They did nothing and just disaapointed helpless civil servants

  8. Govt.and PPC is playing jokes with their officials.In these circumstances how can they perform their duties satisfactaraly.Due to the daily basis increase in commedaties making life with disappointments and helplesness but the order of the day is (survive if you can)..

  9. All Government employees are equalled for a Government. The salaries may be 100% increase for civilian Government employees with immediate effect alongwith all allowances specially advance increments for acquiring higher education during the job.

  10. this pay and pension commission is disappointments and helplesness

  11. PPc has taken enough time to clarify things. Govt employees are wating anxiously for some good decisions. But it looks that they are just delaying this issue and dont want to do something pleasent. Now, its creating a lots of disappointing situation among the Govt employees.

  12. HY WHAT A NON SENCE THIS COUNRTY IS THERE IS JUSTICE FOR ONLY WHO HAS POWER IN HIS HAND AS POLICE GOT SPECIAL LATER (SHOE) IN THEIR HAND AND THEY USE THAT FOR THE INNOCENT PEOPLE. JUDGES GOT INCENTIVE AS GOVT WANT FAVOUR FROM THEM AND THEY GOT POWER AS A RESULT OF MOVEMENT BY COMMON PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN , A PEON OF JUDGE GOT MORE SALARY THAN A 17 SCALE OFFICER OF OTHER DEPARTMENT WHAT A JOKE OF JUSTICE IN THIS COUNTRY . mental govt of punjab is also work very funny. sharif brothers are the most worst kind of administrators they want oo get cheap fame shabaz sharif mental spent millions of computor labs in schools with out working about result of that investment perhaps he earned commission of purchase of computors . secondly he spent billions in sasti roti and every body engaged in this scheme got share from mill owner to tandor wala who sold only one bag after making roti and two bags in market all revenue authorities also earn lot from edor to patwari here i will like to qoute a joke when some one ask to pathan that shabaz sharif think after doing some work and pathan replied that i did not think after work so shabaz is better choice. run away alive from this country.thanks

  13. Alamzeb KhanMarch 09, 2010

    The Pay and Pension Committee is trying to prolong its period of privileges and perks. it has done nothing remarkable. It is playing joke with the miserable government employees. This Committee and the previous Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz humiliated the educational qualifications of the federal goverment employees by ceasing the qualification increments. If Mr. Ishrat Hussain did not achieve the target in stipulated time, he must step down from the Chairmanship. This is a common practice in those countries, whose people have a conscience. For God sake Ishrat Hussain, step down from the current position. The government is spending billion of rupees on high ups, but it is not giving due relief to the employees and people. Shame at the Pay and Pension Committee.

  14. The purpose of setting up of PPC and assigning the task to it was to nothing but play for time, so being a dummy it can do nothing except for dilly-dallying.
    A gentleman here in this forum has rightly commented that the powerful in Pakistan always succeed in getting their demands met that's why this time again they have got their salary doubled. There is no doubt that the proverbs 'Might is right' or 'Danda peer hay' hold true in case of Pakistan particularly the democratic Governments especially the current regimes both in federal and Punjab. In an effort to save and prolong their rule/power, these Governments have tried to please those which they feared might come in their way and cause destabilization to their rule. In current price hike when the price of everything has gone tripled, salary be tripled for those engaged in war in NWFP and doubled to all others not just the powerful. Unfortunately it did not happen and all the other federal and provincial employees were left to God's Mercy as they had no say in the affairs...neither in the past nor now.
    In this situation which is a reality, people should not give their young ones higher education instead Matriculation will suffice after which they could join police, army, rangers and enjoy double salary (no input with huge output). There is no need to waist money, health and time (16-18 years) on getting them higher education in fields of science, technology, engineering etc. zakir.

  15. Suggesions for Govt.
    1. This is the best chance for the Govt. to improve its image in the masses, and most suppressed seagment of society (the govt employees) who cannot fight with inflation but balance there budjet by cutting their basic needs.
    2. This Govt. should set a record by increasing pay and pension of employees exactly in ratio with the past, present, and future inflation and price hike.
    3. The adhoc increases should be adjusted in pay, and House rent and conveyance allownces should be increased.
    Syed Ali Raza

  16. dr.ishrat hussain is a good man. he is suffering from govt. we condom the attictiude of the govt. about govt. servants . no dobut less pay is leads to corroption . if the govt. cannot increase the pays .it should allow the govt. servants to correption .increasing in pays is best way to stop correption .there are many faults in govt. laws . is a fund which is deducted all govt. servant,s pays 3% per month .it should be a personal fund but 16 &above injoys 28000 to 32000 per session & 01-15 grade are got only 6000 per session
    mejorty of srevants are 01-15 grade but all the fund is given to officers because policy makers are officers .we condom it
    make b. fund as personal as
    arshad hussain bhakkar

  17. Imran,
    wat a stupid person talking against the armed forces personnel. have u ever think about the feelings of a soldier who is getting only Rs. 8000/- per month. he belongs to sakhar and sitting in swat. to travel till sakhar he has to spent more than Rs. 2000/-. Just think if u don't go to ur homes just for 1 day ur children as well as u get upset. is the soldier not a human. I recommend that a soldier's salaries must be increased 200% more for motivation.

  18. Prof: maqsoodjanMarch 14, 2010

    if the salary is increased in double or tripple fold, it is not the solution to standardise the living condition of government servants. The increased salaries increase the quantity of money in the economy and leads to high rate of inflation suffering low and almost fixed income group i.e. government servant. it will increase the status quo e.g. the rich will gain at cost of poor because price hike give more money to businessmens and destroy the poor man. so in my opinion, first step should be taken to control inflation and stop the expliotation of poor by the rich businessmen.

  19. it is only joke

  20. Govt should take the pay and pension committee suggestions seriously and give sigh of relief to civil servants. Otherwise another unrest of the society will raise up which will aggravate the dilapidated law and order situation in the country. Nation is just waiting desperately the decision of the Govt.

  21. Pay and Pension commission is merely a joke with the Govt Employees just for the sake that they are doing something for the Govt servants but actually the Govt is making goof.

  22. For those of u so bothered about armed forces: Who created this menace of Taliban? It was this same army. Now their salaries are doubled so that they can kill the monster they themselves created. And if they r transferred to far off places they do get ta/da. dont they. military gives them everything. from housing to grocery stores. They have a parallel state in the form of these big cantonments. Why do they want more salaries then?


  24. The Government have alot of money for the parliament member to increase their remonstration and expenses, when they want to increase there pays got increase 40000's and when time comes for the increase of pay of govt. employees who have no any other source of income (specially teachers) the govt. always in crises. they will never give us any thing without price-hike and sky touching oil prices. at least they should control on the floor, sugar and ghee prices, these items should be in range of a poor labour, i request the rulers kindly fix the prices of these 3 thing @ the same as Musharaf Govt. we wil be thankful to you. sorry for bad English.

  25. SYED ABU NAVEEDApril 03, 2010


  26. Professor MaqsoodjanApril 03, 2010

    i observed the recommendations of Pay and Pension Committee of pakistan in daily mashriq which is favorable for Govt: servant but i oppose the conveyance allownace given to the servant working in Big cities which is absolutely injustice with the all govt: servant in this respect that the conveyance allowance should be given on the basis of distance between home and station (office etc). But those are entitled for this allowance who are working in big cities inspite of that his home is nearest to the station and he has not bear any additional charges to reaching the station (mean minimuim conveyance charges) and a person living in charsadda and working in kohat or bannu and bearing Rs. 1000 as conveyance charges is not entitled for conveyance allowance. i request Dr. Ishrat sahib to think over this matter seriously. thanks

  27. muhammad iqbalApril 05, 2010

    Recommendatins of pay andpension committee of pakistan are favourable for Govt: Servants/employees.Conveyance allownace given to goverment employees working in Big cities which is injustice with the other employees whose working in small cities. Actual comveyance allowance should be given all employees working in pakistan.No diferent with big or small cities.

    Muhammad iqal

  28. what armed forces have done so far. All the resources of Pakistan are of armed forces but no result so far. in fact Pakistan is for armed forces. Lets compare it with our education (the most important and the only sector thrugh which we can develop our country and can compete rest of the world). This sector is ignored at all.

  29. I think it is very good news for the government employees if half of the recommendations by the pay and pension commission approve by the ministry of account and Federal Cabinet. I think it is a joke with a government employ who is delivering his services in rural area and he travels from the city and is no paid any convayance allowance but an employ travel from unban to his office in urban is paid convaynce allowance and as well as house rent in rural area is 30% and in urban area is 45%. This practise never exercise by the government.

  30. hussain syedApril 12, 2010

    khattak is right to some extent but he has gone too far in his comments. Commen man, low-paid employees and even senior honest officers are leading only a hand to mouth life. FBR Poloce and some departments have been lucky as their employees are already getting duble salaries in the shape of duuble allowance added to the basic pay since long. It will therefore not effect the national exchequer much if these allowances are merged in the relevant pay scale.
    Hussain Syed

  31. hussain syedApril 12, 2010

    Old pensioners have not got a fair deal. Pension in pre 2001 era were very low and the batch retiring immediately before 2001 and around 1999 suffered twice as there was no revision of pay scales in 1994 and the revision in 2001 did not apply to them. They deserve special consideration.
    Out of them the families of the deceased employees were worst hit due to high rate of inflation and sky rocketing prices of essential commodities
    hussain syed

  32. Pay and pension committee is a joke for Pakistani Govt Servants. We listen in every budget that the pay and pension will increase after the recommendations of Pay and Pension committee. Next year another committee is sit. This type of practice has become a Joke for Govt servants. Even if a matter has take a long time for decision, people says that this matter is like pay and pension committee meeting. It is request to all the Govt Heads, not to play with badly clutched in different matters Govt Servant's heart.

  33. More Provinces of Pakistan need of the time.
    Following are few suggesstions for Govt.
    a. Immediately form a commettee to review the formation of new provinces.
    b. Hazara is the best suited case for fifth province which can be established as a model.
    c. Making 3 provinces from each province is the need of the time which will bring stability in the country.
    d.Smaller the provinces lesser the strength for separatist movements and better solution of people problems and more competion among the provinces towards development.
    e.More the provinces better will be the distribution of resources and better will be the prosperity and peace.

  34. Joker yousaf raza gillani and Joker Asif ali zardari doing jokes with govt officials. Why they are doing this, i know because this is a democratic government and in democracy " Rules are for Fools"..... we are fools because we are seeing towards them, we dnt have any power like police, judiciary, army ........... that's why there is no increase in pay of civilian employees salary. So pplz don't be crazy.........

  35. This time pay and pension committee is increased pay and pension only the BPS scale other scales of pakistan already get very high saleres including Arm Forces. Pay increased 100% should be double including increments and Arm Forces officers and JCOs get batman allowance plz start the civil govt officer and BPS-11 to 16 scales allow batman allowance. govt. is see the equal eyes in any govt person. thanks

  36. Ham Govt. civilians employees kay baray main sochain ham logon ke payment Pakisan Arm Forces ke tarah double ke jai aur ham logon ko be wo sab alloance daiy jain jatnay aik arms forces ka employee lay raha hay in ko Govt. Courses be karwa rahi hay aur bahir mumalik say courses aur dopations per be baj rahi hay, Hajj, Umra, aur welfare karti hay aur in ka laya to welfare kay baray main socha jata hay aur aik adara hay jo welfare kay name say hay jo har waqat sochta hay ka ham log govt. say kia kia welfare karwa saktay hain kia ham logon kay baray main kio welfare name ke kio cheez hay kia ham log lawaris hain kia pakistan sarif arm forces walon ka hay pakistan ham sab logon ka hay aij pakistan azad hoy 63, 64 lakin abi tak do qumi nazaria zinda hay. Yah do qumi nazaria hi hay aur kia hay ham Civilian Govt. Employees kay welfare kay baray main soch jaiy aur ham logon ke salaries aur welfare kay baray main be socha jia aur khas tor per ham arm forces main kam karnay walay civilians kay baray main soch jai ham logon kay sat to bohat zaida zaidtian hoti han. Allah ham sab ka hami-o-nasar rahay Amin.

  37. What ever should done the pay of the govt: employees should increase because they need facilitated by Govt: they do work for the Govt: but the Govt. could not give them the bread for two times a day

  38. Congratulations for originator of this site and some suggestions.
    a. It is a good forum to comment on national issues, it should not be restricted to pay and pension issues only but comments on national issues be accomodated its heading should be [national issues and solutions]
    b.Comment on pay and pension commeetee.
    I have read in Dawn 19/4 that pay increase will be carried out in three phases in next three years which is a joke with govt employees.

  39. Dear Sir I want to convey that there is no equaillity in convence allowence and house hirring for federal employes. A federal employe move in all over the country so he should be given convence allowence and house rent/house hirring on equall basis in big city or small city.Sir as you know that government is increasing the rate of goods day by day but there is no increamet in salaries of any employe belong to any any department or private compny.Similarly the officials which are the back bone of any department having no any respect in the site of their officeres.

  40. pay and pension committi k nam pr gharib awam or employes sy ghatia mazak kia ja raha hy.aisa pehly kabhi b ni hua. ye hakomat jis ny roti kapra or makan k nam pr awam sy vot lia bajay ye kuch deny k un sy chhena ja raha hy. kaha hin wo siasatdan jo kehty thy k behtrin amriat sy badtrin jamhoriat achi hy.ham pochty hin hin kia jamhoriat aisi hoti hy jo gharib awam ki zinzgio sy khely jo gharib awam ko mehngai or badtrin loadshedding ka tuhfa sy to behter wo amrait hi thi jis min awam to khoshhal thi.aj ham hakomat ki taraf sy baditmadi ka shikar hin. saleries barhny ka koi imkan nahi or mehngai roz baroz barhti ja rahi hy.

  41. well said...

  42. Muhammad abdullahMay 01, 2010

    this site is very useful in this regard that everyone can express their point of view freely but i think it is useless in this regard that our opinions and thoughts are not reached to the targeted point (i.e Government and politicians). but anyhow it is our duty to say wrong to wrong in form of writing or by tongue and if we have no power of such we consider it wrong by heart and it is the least degree of muslimship otherwise we exit from the Muslim community as saying by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

  43. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    chor dain aisi batain en key pass employees ko denay key ley kuch nai hey, yeh sirf apney plots bananey key chakar main lag gay hain

  44. AnonymousMay 05, 2010

    Suggestion for Govt:
    I request to All ministers of Pakistan and Dr. Ishrat Hussain, the Chairman PPC in order to finish Corruption in the name of Medical Bills of officers, a Medical Allowance should be given to Officers in their monthly salary.

  45. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    ppp govt joks with govt emplyes

  46. AnonymousMay 12, 2010

    I can not expect any advantage from present government if it will increase our pay 15% on the other hand it will impose 100% more inflation in our life. So, there is no need to improve pays but to reduce 500% prices of all livelihood like electricity, petrol, gas, sugar etc. we are happy with our present pays with these reduced prices.

  47. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    Suggestion for the government
    Hiring may be included in salary to aviod corruption in this area.
    Conveyance allownce may be enhanced instead of giving govt vehicles to the Officers.
    it will be unjest if a nominal increase in the sahpe of 15% increased annonced in the budget.
    The employees of CGA and AGP have been upgraded and it is request that in budget the decision may be given to implement this to other departments as well. this will surely remove disparity.

  48. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    Is there any clue of considering the plight of long ignored retired employees of PIA ? Although PIA is a semi government under MO Defence, its retirees are denied shamelessly any increase or benefit every time announced/proposed by the Government. Even after 12 15 years the pension is the same. This is a gross injustice...and Pakistan is full of this shit now....
    Will Dr. Ishrat Hussain or someone in power will care to see it?
    M. I. Tahir P-24435 Retired PIA Empoyee.

  49. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    there is so high in economic condition, we are not able to proceed all over expenses that insert in the home and so on. so it is very important to increase government servants salaries 100% so that they have to able to survive in Pakistan. Pls increase the salary.
    Ishfaque Ahmed

  50. Jamal Abdul NasirMay 22, 2010

    Ishrat Hussain is enemy of employees and poor people. he should be removed from the post. It is requested to Hon'able Prime Minister of Pakistan that Increase in basic salary upto 50% is the real demand of every employee because the financial circumstances are misearable and Govt. Employees are suffering a lot.

  51. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    well dear friends
    do not expect to much from this worst corrupt govenment. they are much more concerned about their protocoles and luxurious fleets of miniterial securities. think in this poooooooorrrr nation there are 115 Ministers out of 350 parliamentarians. these bastereds are afraid to be killed…and killing the nation. price hike is atleast 150% but salaries of government servents are increased 15-20% basic pay..which is already less than half of full pay withdrawn…so the increase in total becomes 7-8% of total pay……….. please wake up, my poor and sleeping nation fellows……condemn them for their corruption and their unlawful acts…… May ALLAH Pak bless our nation… Pakistan Zindabad.
    these bastereds give only lip service… but bite bitter than dogs.
    they raise slogans for civilian friendly budgets…but take steps only for their own benefits. more than 70% of allocated amount for any project is put in their own pokets by corruption. The slaries of government servents are already lower and than they pay texes at every comodity they purchase, so by this way more than 60% pay is given back in texes…. and total increase in real is only 7 to 8% of total pay withdrawn.than what you expect from the budget 2010-2011 ……………. the standared of living of government servents is lowering day by day……………… ooooooooo bastereds have pity on the poor government servents.

  52. Suggestion for the site originator.
    Please sum up all comments of the People mentioned above and post them to the Prime Minister or President.
    Ali Raza

  53. iftikharMay 28, 2010

    armed forc m civlian ki pay double nhn hoe, plz usy bhi double kiya jaey

  54. AnonymousMay 29, 2010

    i think government should practically take some step to subsidenailly increase the salary of the goverment servent as the inflation is on hike and the othere prosal is that housing hiring amoount should be added to the monthly salary.

  55. AnonymousMay 30, 2010

    Looking the previous policy of increase in pay & allowances and Pension till 2008 and inflation rate. I think there would be no likely increase which should be.

    so for the corruption is concerned, all departments who are responsible do reduce the corruption ratio, they are not performing their duties as well. Resulting there is a continuous increase in CORRUPTION in Government offices / institution.

    Take the examples of:

    From the start of the session to the closure, fro final test to the declare of the results there is a complete a chain of corruption.
    In Examination hall: there is complete open books cheating, students are fully supported by he school / college teachers to do so even in the presence of invigilator, internal superintendent, external superintendent, member of vigilance team of education board, chairman of education board or vice chancellor too.

    same situation is experienced in the District Treasuries, District and Taluka /union council hospital, municipality and so on.

    In police thana, what is going on there, it is not hidden before us. Example: suppose if there less entries in FIR book it meas there is big LAW BREAKING PRACTICE. if there is FIr book shown good number of entries it means there is law enforceent practice. it would be shown by the end result of FIR.

    TO improve this situation, first minimum wage is ensured, proportionality there would be increase in pay allowances and pension in connection to actual dearness and inflation, index pay system should be introduced. Islamic Religious programms should be held in union council. there would be complete controle of the Governent on price system and check balance.

  56. fukk off govt service, i wasted my precious 10 years in grade 17.
    my colleagues who have joined pvt sector are taking three times more than me.
    after 10 years my take home is 25000 Rs only.

  57. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    AOA to all!
    Dear follows! I read all comments to gave about this goverment progress......and i fully agree with u all....what I think is not a matter.....but what is matter is where is our beloved country is going......price hikeup in all necessary items which related day-to-day life with people in this country and goverment is not doing nothing about this??????????On other hands PPC is giving their recommendation to prime minister. But we all know this goverment is not the people government they only care how they get more and more money from any sources (whethet from IMF, Rental power etc.) to increse their black money in their international accounts........I think in this budget they only increase 15 - 20% in goverment employees salary and nothing much.......I have lots to say but i know nothing would happens? Last I pray to mighty allah that peace in our beloved country and all of us...AMEEN

  58. AnonymousJune 03, 2010

    Griveance! For God Sake please compansate governtment servents which has been weakend day by day.

  59. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    i want to say some thing is any body here to answer my question ? i want to know that jab ham logo nay khud he in ko seat py bethaya ha to kia ham in ko uttar nahe sakty ? kaha gaye hain ye students kaha gaye hain ye courts kaha hai ye awam kia ye log kabi apny haq k leye awaz nahe utthaye gya , asy he gharebo k bache marty rahe gay asy he maano bheno ki izatay nilam hoti rahe gi . kia ham apny haq k leye be awaz nehe uttha sakty , kia gharebo ka koi nahe ha . agr ham apny leye awaz nahe uttha sakty to is se behtr ha k zulm sahain aur zulm sehny waly busdilhoty hain .pakistan zindabad tha aur rahe ga inshahallah ye waqat be guzar jay ga aur koi nahe to allah to ha wo to dakh raha ha .us ki lathe uthay gi aur wo lathe be awaz ha.

  60. AnonymousJuly 24, 2010

    I am in army's audit department. Whnever i go to the army units, with my subordinates, to audit payments and expenditure out of public funds. we often find that this well paid highly powerful department is involved in mishandling public funds and public stores. If something is pointed out/objected then large number of tricks are used for not to bring the objection in black and white. These tactics, of course, include the offer of bribery. Now the question is that what a low paid insperctor/auditor should do while deeling with well paid powerful auditee.
    Beside this our department, Pakistan Military Accounts/Audit Department, is full involved and engaged with army but as a civillian establishment. Whenever disciplinary rules and regulations are formulated we are forced to observe those regulations but whenever matters of benefits such as medical facilities, travelling concessions, schooling of children, residencial facilites, messing/ration allowances and lot more benefits are discussed then our department is considered as civillian establishment and benefits are kept aloof and are shown just to audit only with instructions for not take objections of misused public money and stores. Request to higher authorities is that our department should be treeted at par with Army to avoid curroption, feel degradedness and department should be given power so that auditors may develop dare to take obections of mischiveous activities of Powerful Army.

  61. I am Twenty years serve Government Sector Finance Department Government of Sindh Secretariat as Data Processing Assistant BPS-12, No promotion Department same appointment Grade BS-12 and My Qualification is Bachelor of Computer Science same requirement of this post. have a no scope for computer field in Government Sector, if my qualification is less i.e Matriculation with Shorthand then i this time Additional Secretary.
    Here is no scope Information Technology no scope Qualification Master or Bachelor , if you have a Matriculate+shorthand then you are successful in Pakistan

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