Feb 7, 2015

How to get Driving License in Pakistan - Step by Step Guide

Here is step-by-step guide, how I got my driving license including all the relevant information at one place.

Driving License Categories in Pakistan

  1. Motor Cycle: Motor Cycle driving license is valid for motorcycle only.
  2. Motor Car: Motor car driving license is valid for car, jeep and Delivery van.
  3. LTV: Light transport vehicle driving license is valid for car, jeep, Mini bus and lightweight transport.
  4. HTV: heavy transport vehicle driving license is valid for buses, trucks, trailers and any type of heavy transport.
  5. Tractor Agriculture
  6. Motor Cycle Rickshaw

Fee Schedule for Driving License 

Tickets, of mentioned value against each type of vehicle, are to be bought from GPO.
Motor Cycle = Rs.550
Motor Car = Rs.900
Motor Cycle/ Motor Car = Rs.950
LTV = Rs.900
Motor Cycle/ LTV = Rs.950
Tractor Agriculture = Rs.300
Tractor Commercial = Rs.600
LTV + PSV = Rs.950
HTV = Rs.1200
HTV + PSV = Rs.1200
Motor Cycle Rickshaw = Rs.600
Motor Cycle + Motor Cycle Rickshaw = Rs.650
Learner Permit = Rs.60

Age Criteria

  • Motor Cycle/ Motor Car                  = 18 Years
  • LTV, Rikshaw, Tractor Commercial = 21 Years 
  • HTV                                                = 22 Years

Step by Step Guide for getting Driving License

1. Learner Permit

  1. Fill "Learner Permit Application Form"
  2. Attach 2 passport size photographs, copy of CNIC and Medical Certificate.
  3. Paste Ticket of Rs.60 for each category.
  4. Deposit your complete application file to your nearest Traffic Police Office/ Licensing Center. 
  5. They will immediately issue you Learner Permit, which will be valid for next 6 months.

2. Regular Driving License

  1. After 42 days of getting Learner Permit, you can apply for Regular Driving License.
  2. Fill "Regular Driving License Form-A".
  3. Attach 3 passport size photographs, copy of CNIC, Medical Certificate and Original Learner Permit.
  4. Paste relevant tickets on your application form.
  5. Deposit your complete application file to your nearest Traffic Police Office/ Licensing Center. 
  6. They will inform you about Time/Date for test.
  7. Appear in test on given date. Usually Verbal Test/ Interview and practical driving test are taken for Motorcycle, Rickshaw, Tractor and Car while a written test is required for LTV and HTV Licenses.
  8. Upon successful completion of these tests, you will be granted with a regular driving license.

3. International Driving License

International Driving License can only be issued to those who have already got regular license from Pakistan. For International Driving License, following documents are required:
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Attested copy of Valid Driving License
  • 2 attested passport size photographs (one each from front and back)
  • Attested copy of Passport (valid for at least 6 months with visa affixed of country to be visited)
  • Ticket of Rs.22 for court fee
  • Ticket of Rs.60

Important Information

  1. Application forms can be obtained from any photo state shop near to Licensing Center.
  2. You can apply only in your local driving test center, from the city of your domicile. However if you are temporarily residing in any other district (e.g. for employment etc.) you have to provide employment certificate/ resident certificate, issued from your department/ employer. 
  3. Validity of driving license is 5 years. Before expiry, you have to renew your license from the same issuing authority/ office.
  4. Learn and remember all traffic signals before going for test.
  5. Usually they ask you to drive in "L shape" forward and backward for Motor Car and LTV. However they may ask you for driving in "? Shape" forward/ backward and parallel parking for HTV.


  1. Thank you, really need info about getting driving license for bike

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    M/ no 0305 6566529

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    1. PSV "Public Service Vehicles" is ke liye ap ke pass ye category wala license hona chaye, ap pessenger van LTV pe na drive krskty

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  8. Muhammad QasimJuly 10, 2017

    I am in abroad and I am belong from sargodha panjab. I have valid motor car moter cycle and htv . But I want psv how I can apply in abroad or in Pk.
    Because I was try so many time my leaves only 3 month and there are very bad and poor system in Pk after a long time they are given chance for exam

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