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Funny Pakistani Pictures

FuNny Pakistani PicTureS

Here are some of the best funny pictures about Pakistan.
Foreign Tourist Girls traveled in Rickshaw
Happy Independence Day to All Pakistanis except WAPDA
Rickshaw Decoration

Asif Ali Zardari in a Cartoon

Six Students on a Motorcycle

Real Ages of Pakistani Film Actresses (Saima, Madiha Shah, Meera, Veena Malik, Nargis, Khushboo)

And, Ministry of Population Welfare is working hard to control birth rate in Pakistan so you will see many such Family Planning Banners and Advertisements.

Send Funny Pictures: If you have any funny picture or have noticed something funny around you, take photos with your camera/mobile phone camera and send to me on my email address: web_nazam (at) live.com
Please don’t send copyrighted / duplicated photos.

Disclaimer:  Many of these pictures are sent to me by one of my website’s visitor. If anybody has copyrights of any of these pictures, he may contact me at web_nazam (at) live.com and I will remove that specific picture/content from my website.
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