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A registry is a written agreement on official stamp papers between parties for sale and purchase of a property.
If you have recently purchased a property in any city of Sindh province (Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana....) and now want to get it registered on your name. For the registry of land, plot or flat you will have to go with the seller of the property to the sub-registrar branch of the concerned authority i.e. DHA, KDA etc to register the property in your name. Earlier we have discussed registry procedure in Punjab in another post. Procedure in all provinces of Pakistan is almost similar but the type of documents required may vary from place to place.

Registry Procedure in Sindh

Documents required for Registry in Karachi

You will need several documents and follow a certain procedure for land or property registry. In the following lines, you can find the detail guidelines for registry in Karachi. You need following documents to register a property in your name in Province of Sindh, Pakistan:

  • Title Deed (evidence of the right which an owner has to possess his/her property) 
  • Sale Deed - if there is subsequent transaction (A case decree must be attached if the property’s ownership has been disputed)
  • Gift Deed (if the property is gifted)
  • Exchange Deed (if the property is acquired in exchange)
  • Copies of your CNIC and passport-sized photographs
  • Copies of the seller's CNIC and passport-sized photographs
  • A Mutation Certificate, issued by a land-owning authority, such as the DHA, KDA etc. This certificate provides details about the property, such as its current registration status, previous owner’s name and pending dues (if any).
  • If the property has been purchased via a bank loan, then a permission letter is required from the band to verify that the loan has been provided.
  • If the loan has been paid in full, a NOC from the bank is required; two representatives from the bank should be present at the time of registering the property in this case.
  • A Trust Deed NOC from the Ministry of Religious Affairs is required if the property has been purchased to construct a religious building.
  • A NOC from the Home Department is required if the buyer or seller is a foreigner.
  • Receipts that prove that relevant taxes have been paid. These may include advance income tax, town tax, gain tax, capital gain tax and stamp duty.
  • Remember, registration fees have to be paid at the time of registration and usually amount to one percent of the property value and varies according to the type of property and the area where it is located.
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Documents required for Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas Division

A. Freehold properties (Rural Areas)
L-20, Ownership Certificate duly issued by the Taluka Mukhtiarkar or Sanad
Deh Form-VII
Deh Form-II (Mutation)
B.    Free Hold Property (Urban Areas)
P.T.O./P.T.D/Sale Deed/Gift Deed
City Survey Extract/Deh Form-II (Mutation)
A statement issued by the Legal Heirs along with a copy of statement from City Survey in cases of heirship
C.    Lease Hold Property
Lease Deed/Sub-Lease Deed/Sale Deed/Gift Deed
Deh Form-II (Mutation)
Allotment order
D.    Cantonment Areas
Lease Deed

Extract of the Property

Documents required for Sukkur/ Larkana/ Jacobabad/ Dadu/ Khairpur

A. Urban Area 
Sale Deed 
Gift deed 
Lease Deed/Sub-lease deed 
City Survey Extract 
Deh Form-II 
Deh Form-VII 
B. Rural Area 
Owner Ship Certificates issued by Union Council Authorities 
Owner Ship Certificate issued by Mukhtiarkar concerned 
Deh Form-II

Above detail is given just as guidelines for the buyer and seller of the property. This post don't hold any legal weight and in actual there might be a difference in procedure and requirements. Here I would also like to advise you that you should transfer the property rights/ registry on your own name immediately after the purchase of the property; don't delay it for any reason because there are many cases in the courts related to disputes over property matters and ironically most of these cases are among blood relations, family or friends. 


  1. Fee is the 1 % of property value. kindly confirm who determine the property value.

  2. Could you please explain what is the extract document of the property or land in Karachi and how it can be obtained??

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