How to Change Name in NADRA

Giving a good name is every children's right on his parents so always prefer to give good names to newborn babies. If you have given your child a name which you later want to change, you can do so by adopting an easy procedure and fulfilling certain requirements. NADRA has simplified the name changing process. Now requirement of publishing name change advertisement in newspaper and to file an application in the court of a magistrate have been terminated. 

People choose to change the names of their children for a number of reasons; either they want to change spelling or name. Legally you can legally change your first name, middle name or surname, or full name.
How to Change Name in NADRA

NADRA Name Change Procedure

NADRA has issued policy guidelines for the people who are applying for a change in the names of their children. Applicants have to fulfill certain requirements including:
  • Filled and attested application form
  • An affidavit of the name change on Stamp Paper of Rs. 20 or Rs.50 with 02 witnesses (also copies of CNICs of both witnesses are also required)
  • Previously issued Form B (if already issued)
  • Biometric verification of the parents or any other blood relative is also required
You don't need to publish an advertisement for name change in newspapers.

Name Change due to Change in Marital Status

following documents are required for the name change due to change in marital status
  • Original ID card of spouse
  • Original marriage certificate

In case of non-availability of marriage certificate, submit an affidavit attested by oath commissioner in place of it. 

NADRA Name Change Affidavit

You can get an affidavit from a Stamp Seller usually available near to local Kutchehary/ Courts. Stamp seller will type or print the affidavit on a stamp paper. He will charge you for the stamp fee and his own fee for printing of affidavit. You will sign it, get attested by an Oath Commissioner and submit to the NADRA office along with attested application form. 
Affidavit format may be obtained from nearest NADRA office.

How to Change Name in B Form NADRA?

NADRA issues Form B which includes names, date of births and CNIC numbers of the children. Once you have completed the name change process as described above, you can apply for the Form B with the ordinary fee and you will be issued a new Form B which will show changed name on it. Click here to know how you can get Form-B.

Some Other Important Rules

  • For people who have completed his Matric or above degrees, name, as appears on Matric certificate, will be written on ID Card. However, if you want to change in any case, you can apply for the name change on Matric certificate before proceeding to change your record with NADRA.
  • If the head of the family (father/husband) changes his name, all family members will be required to modify their CNICs/ NICOPs/ CRCs.
  • For NICOP and POC holders, name change deed duly verified by the concerned consulate general is required (only for abroad Nadra Swift Registration Centres).
  • Name change due to religion would be entertained only when the applicant gives a certificate issued by a registered religious institution/ Mufti. Once the name changed, the applicant will not be allowed to retain his old name.
  • You can't revert back your previous name and also can't apply a second time for it. However, a female who has added the name of her husband with his name and after the death of her husband or divorce, she can retake her previous name.
  • No documents are required if you want to add the name of your caste with your name e.g. Syed, Khan, Chaudhry, Malik etc. as it is not considered a name change. 
  • To change father's or mother's name, original ID card of the father/ mother and his/her physical appearance in NADRA office is required.


  1. Appreciate the steps taken by nadra to safe the peoples from the unseen problms and make it very easy. Congratulations to PTI govt.

  2. I change my name spelling from id spelling mistake occur .how can i correct my nname spelling mistake .