Jan 29, 2014

Top-5 Websites for Online Videos in Pakistan

Once YouTube was only popular websites for watching videos in Pakistan and there was no big competitor. But after ban on YouTube in Pakistan, many other video sharing websites become popular in Pakistan. Some new video sharing websites were also developed and got prominent place in very less time, which these new websites might not get in the presence of YouTube.

Here are 5 most popular online video related websites.


DailyMotion is one of the worlds top-100 websites as per alexa ranking. It is Pakistan's most popular video sharing website now-a-days and overall it is Pakistan's 7th most popular website.


However YouTube is officially banned by Government of Pakistan but many Pakistanis still use YouTube with the help of shields, proxies and software.  As it is not openly available so it has lost its Number 1 position and stand on 2nd position in video sharing websites in Pakistan. As per Alexa ranking it is still overall 8th most popular website in Pakistan.


It was launched by some Pakistanis in the last quarter of 2012 by Arslan Hassan and its team of professionals. And Tune.pk got huge success in very short time of one year. Now it is third most popular videos website in Pakistan. It has global alexa rank about 2000 while its overall rank in Pakistan is 16.


Vube was launched in March 2013 and it also got tremendous viewership in a very short time span. Now it has got 67th position on global alexa ranking while 20th overall position in Pakistan. This website has different design idea than other video websites, it award cash prizes to most viewed videos.


ZemTV is also a Pakistani video sharing website. It is 5th most popular video website in Pakistan. Its global alexa rank is about 2500 and its rank in Pakistan is 28. It mainly focus on Pakistani TV Channels' Programs, Talk Shows, Discussions etc.

Other Popular Video Websites in Pakistan

Vimeo.com are Dramasonline.com are also popular video sharing websites in Pakistan. JahazTV.com and PakistanTV.tv are also popular but they also share other than videos content. 

If you know any other good video website which is also popular in Pakistan, please share its name in the comments box.

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