Multan Metro Bus Route Map and Stations List

Multan Metro is a bus rapid transit (BRT) system in Multan, Punjab (Pakistan). It has an 18.5km long route with 21 bus stations. Initially, Multan Metro was started with 47 buses while 10 buses were sent to the Lahore Metro later on. Afterward, more than 100 buses were deputed as feeder buses. These buses are called Multan Speedo Feeder Buses and brought passengers from and to far-flung areas from Metro Bus Stations.
Multan is one of the most populated cities of Pakistan and 3rd largest city of Punjab province of Pakistan.

Multan Metro Bus Stations List

List of all 21 metro bus stations in Multan is given below:
  1. Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Terminal
  2. Bahadarpur
  3. Mehmood Kot
  4. Northern Bypass
  5. Shalimar
  6. Sabzazar
  7. Chungi 6
  8. Gulgasht
  9. Chungi 9
  10. Qasim Fort
  11. Bab-e-Dolat
  12. Hafiz Jamal
  13. Manzoorabad
  14. Ahmedabad
  15. BCG Chowk
  16. Peoples Colony
  17. Vehari Chowk
  18. Multan General Bus Stand
  19. Jinnah Bagh
  20. Shah Rukn-e-Alam
  21. Kumharanwala Chowk Terminal

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Speedo Bus Routes in Multan List

Speedo Buses are a network of feeder buses which are connected to main Multan Metro Bus Service. These feeder buses run on 13 different routes across Multan. Details list of these routes is shown in the following image.

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