Hum Qadam - Monthly Stipend Programme for 200,000 Disabled Persons

Government of Punjab has taken another step for the special persons of Punjab who are differently-abled. Most of us call them disabled persons but actually they are differently-abled persons of the society because it is often observed that the persons who have apparently less ability in one thing, have surprisingly high abilities in other fields. Our religion has given clear instructions to look after such people so it is the responsibility of the Muslim society and government to care and look after this important segment of the society.

Punjab government has announced that it will provide monthly stipends to disabled persons. A monthly stipend program for about 200,000 disabled persons is being started in Punjab province under the 'Hum Qadam Programme'. 
This program will help to bring these people to the mainstream and to prove themselves useful citizens of the country.
Physically disabled persons have a lot of potential and abilities to contribute to the development and progress of the country.
Whenever we get any information and details regarding application procedure and criteria for the Hum Qadam Programme, we will publish it with all the necessary details here.

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