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List of Poor Quality Oil and Ghee Brands

Ghee or edible oil is the most common kitchen commodity which is a compulsory ingredient to cook almost every food so when we talk about quality of Ghee or oil, actually we are talking about improving quality of all food items. Ghee is not only used for cooking in kitchen but it is also used in bakeries and for frying of Samosa and Sweets. There are many poor quality or substandard Ghee and oil brands available in market which are being sold at comparatively low prices. I personally observed such low quality ghee at hotels, dhabas and on food stalls. They are not only of poor quality but also further spoiled by using it at higher temperatures for multiple times for frying of Samosa, pakorra etc.
Punjab Food Authority has taken a  initiative to improve quality of edible oils by publishing a list of poor quality and unhealthy ghee and oil brands.

Earlier, 47 famous Ice Creams were also declared unfit by PFA, for detailed report click here

The ghee and cooking oils which failed to meet safety and quality parameters include following ghee and oil brands:
Abid Koh-e-Noor Banaspati
Ambar Banaspati
Apna Banaspati and Apna Canola Oil
Areej Premium Banaspati
Atif Banaspati
Attiya Banaspati
Badar Cooking Oil
Behtreen Banaspati
Crispo Vegetable Oil
Dawat Cooking Oil
Enam Cooking Oil
Faizi Banaspati
Gai Canola Cooking Oil
Gai Cooking Oil and Gai Sunflower Cooking Oil
Ghousia Banaspati and Ghousia Canola Oil
Gold Rehmat Banaspati
Hoor Canola Oil, Hoor Cooking Oil and Hoor Sunflower Oil
Ittehad Cooking Oil
Kamiyab Cooking Oil
Kamran Banaspati
Karwan Banaspati
Kausar Canola Oil and Kausar Cooking Oil Khajoor Cooking Oil
Kisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower)
Lives Cooking Oil
Mamta Banaspati
Mujahid Cooking Oil
Naimat Canola Oil
Naturelle Cooking Oil
Nice Banaspati
Nirala Banaspati
Olio Premium Canola Oil and Olio Premium Sunflower Oil
Qarni Banaspati
Rahat Banaspati Ghee
Seasons Frying Oil
Sitara Cooking Oil
Soya Supreme Banaspati
Sultan Sunflower Oil
Zareen Banaspati
Chand Banaspati
Ella Cooking Oil
Evolin Vegetable Banaspati
Evolin Vegetable Cooking Oil
Fauji Cooking Oil
Golden Sun Banaspati
Golden Sun Cooking Oil
Ittehad Banaspati
Khajur Banaspati
Lives Banaspati
Madni Cooking Oil
Shamim Banaspati
Sultan Canola Oil
Sultan Cooking Oil
Zaiqa Cooking Oil

You must keep in mind this list while going to purchase groceries.
Source: Dawn News

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