Feb 25, 2017

Rare Wedding Photos of 20 Pakistani Cricketers

It’s very rare that Pakistani cricketers reveal about their personal life. But fans always remain curious to know more and more about their favorite players, and for this purpose they got on searching about their favorite players.
Here we have Wedding pictures of Pakistani Cricketers. Have a look to all the photos and see how the cricketers and their wives looked on their wedding day. 

Feb 24, 2017

Top-10 Handsome Pakistani Cricketers ever

Cricket is not only popular in Pakistan but it is also one of the most popular sports in the world. People like to play and watch cricket but Pakistanis are simply crazy for this sport. In Pakistani cricket team, we can see many handsome and good-looking cricketers who are not only excellent in their game but have also won the heart of many through their attractive look. 
With so many remarkable and talented cricketers in our country, here is a list of top 10 most charming, handsome and glamorous cricketers in Pakistani team ever! This list includes Pakistani players of all time.
Players are selected on the basis of charisma, the way he looks, the way he dresses and his stunning performance. Please keep remember that these are not best players on the basis of their performance but the top players on the basis of their personality.

Here is the Top-10 most charming and handsome Pakistani Players ever.

Feb 23, 2017

e-Rozgaar Program launched to train 10,000 Freelancers in Punjab

e-Rozgaar is an initiative started by the Government of Punjab with the objective of providing training opportunities to youth to minimize unemployment using internet based freelancing. It is a free training, candidates don’t have to pay any fee but he will not be awarded any stipend. Duration of this course is 3.5 months and last date to apply is 05 March 2017.

There are 3 Courses;
  1. Technical (PHP Development, JavaScript Development, Web Design, HTML5 Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO))
  2. Non-Technical (Content Writing, Proposal Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Internet Research, Virtual Assistant, Email Marketing, Recruitment, Data Entry)
  3. Creative Designing (Graphic Design, Logo Design, UI / UX Design, Books / eBooks)

Who can apply?

Candidate must have complete 16 years of education
Must have a valid CNIC
Should have domicile of Punjab
Good writing and communication skills
Minimum age to apply is 22 years and maximum age to apply is 35 years.
Visit following website to apply online

e-Rozgaar Centers

e-Rozgaar Centers will be in all the 36 districts of Punjab.
Dera Ghazi Khan
Mandi Bahauddin
Nankana Sahib
Rahim Yar Khan
Toba Tek Singh
e-Rozgaar Training Program

Feb 19, 2017

Real Age, Date of Birth and Height of Pakistani Actors

Here is a list of some most popular Pakistani actors and singers with their date of births and real age which might shock some people. Heights of some of these also given.

Feb 18, 2017

Date of Birth of Top Pakistani Actresses to say them Happy Birthday

Girls don’t like to reveal their real age and even if you ask date of birth from a girl, she will only tell you date with month and never the year. So never ask a woman her age. But when it comes to actresses, the media usually find out their real birth dates and age. Fans do lengthy debates about ages of the actresses.

Feb 15, 2017

10-Tips for every Parent to keep their Children Safe Online

How to keep children safe online is a big concern for the parents now a days, especially in the countries like Pakistan where majority of the elders have only basic knowledge about functions and uses of information technology whereas younger ones have enough knowledge and full access to latest gadgets and internet. They browse websites, interact on social media websites (e.g. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter), contact each other using instant messaging applications (e.g. Whatsapp, Viber etc). Keeping children safe online is one of the biggest challenges for parents today. There are a lot of things that can be done by organizations and governments but primarily it is the parent's responsibility to keep a check on their children’s online activities. You should teach your children how to use the internet safely. 

Here are some tips to make children safe in the online world:

5-Points for Parents to Do

  1. Internet access should be controlled at home and at school, on computer and on mobile phones. Consider having a fixed time for use of the internet. Also talking on the phone, texting, whatsapp should be controlled.
  2. Keep/ place your computer in open area or at a common location where you can physically monitor what they are watching. Do not place computer in the children bed room. 
  3. Never provide separate smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer to teenagers. However you can give a common device for all your children.
  4. Start discussing online safety with your children at an early age. They should know that internet might be an unsafe place unless they stay on the mainstream websites.
  5. If they require, create social media accounts for them and ensure you have access to those accounts to monitor.

5-Points for Children to Do

If you do permit your children to have internet access, ask them to always follow some basic rules given below:
  1. Don’t post any personal information online. Never share your location, personal details, and upcoming plans with strangers or publicly in forums and groups. Avoid posting your family photos that gives away details about you or your family.
  2. Never share your password with any online friend.
  3. Never meet or invite online friends to your home. It might be very risky.
  4. Don’t accept friend requests from strangers. 
  5. And lastly if you see something suspicious, unsafe or immoral online, leave the website immediately and tell to a trusted adult immediately.

Feb 12, 2017

NAVTTC started Free Certificate Program for Skilled Manpower

NAVTTC (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission) started a free certification program for skilled manpower under PM Youth Skills Development Program. Skilled persons, who have capabilities/ expertise but don't have any certificate, can now get government issued certificate after passing the test. Currently this program is started for following 3 professions:
  1. Auto Mechanic
  2. Heavy Machinery Operator
  3. Mason/ Tile Fixer
Hopefully certification in other fields will also be started later on.
Apply before 20th February 2017. Successful candidates after test will get certificate within 3 weeks. There is no registration or examination fee, it is totally free. Candidates should have experience letter of at least 2 years.
Please share this information with ay of your relative or friend who have any of the above skill but don't have any certificate.Certificate is a proof of anybody's skills and he may get better jb and wages. Moreover, certified professionals can easily get jobs in Middle East.
For more details, see following image.
Get Free Skills Certificate

Feb 11, 2017

15 Safety Tips for ATM Users

People often become victims while making a transaction from an ATM. Fraudster may try to obtain the data from your credit or debit card to withdraw money or grab the cash after you withdraw. State Bank of Pakistan also issues instructions regularly for safe ATM transactions.
ATM Safety Tips
Here are some very important safety tips you need to keep in mind while withdrawing money at an ATM.
  1. Always select the right ATM, preferably inside a bank location. 
  2. Avoid using ATMs that are situated in areas with no visible security guard and security surveillance cameras.
  3. Try to use ATM at daytime in working hours or ensure ATM place is well lit.
  4. Never allow unknown person to enter with you. Keeps others outside the cubicle while you are using the ATM.
  5. Always check the ATM especially keypad and card slot. Look for visible signs of tampering with the ATM. 
  6. Ensure that your personal belongings (mobile, laptop or shopping bag) also secured.
  7. Put cash in pockets/bag quickly while being inside the cubicle. Do not count cash outside the cubicle.
  8. Cover the keyboard while entering the (PIN) Personal Identification Number.
  9. Never share your PIN with anybody including Bank Staff.
  10. Make it your habit to change the PIN frequently. 
  11. If your ATM card gets stuck in the ATM machine; (i) do not leave the ATM unattended. (ii) Call the bank helpline from the phone usually present in the booth, or a bank employee if within a branch. (iii) never accept assistance offered by strangers.
  12. If you feel something suspicious, don’t make a transaction and immediately notify the Bank.
  13. Keep the receipts of last few transactions instead of throwing them near the ATM or dispose it off carefully. People may know the remaining balance in your account from these slips.
  14. If you lose or misplace the ATM immediately report the loss to the Bank and block the card.
  15. Do not forget to take your card when leaving the ATM.
These tips are meant to make you aware.

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