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Oct 30, 2016

Ranks, BPS Comparison of Pakistan Army, Navy and PAF

The following is a list of the ranks, insignia (badges) and BPS Pay Scales of the personnel of Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force.
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If you want to apply for jobs in Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force and Pak Navy, Click Here 

Commissioned Officers Ranks

Officer rank badges are displayed on the shoulders.


Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force (PAF)

Pakistan Navy

BPS Apex
Field Marshal
(5 Star)
(it was only awarded to Field Marshal Ayub Khan)
Marshal of the Air Force
(5 Star)
(never awarded)
Admiral of the Fleet
(5 Star)
(never awarded)
BPS Apex
General (Gen)
(4 Star)
Air Chief Marshal (ACM)
(4 Star)
Admiral (Adm)
(4 Star)
Lieutenant General (Lt Gen)
(3 Star)
Air Marshal (AM)
(3 Star)
Vice Admiral (V Adm)
(3 Star)
Major General (Maj Gen)
(2 Star)
Air Vice Marshal (AVM)
(2 Star)
Rear Admiral (R Adm)
(2 Star)
Brigadier (Brig)
(1 Star)
Air Commodore (Air Cdre)
(1 Star)
Commodore (Cdre)
(1 Star)
Colonel (Col)
Group Captain (Gp Capt)
Captain (Capt)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)
Wing Commander (Wg Cdr)
Commander (Cdr)
Major (Maj)
Squadron Leader (Sqn Ldr)
Lieutenant Commander (Lt Cdr)
Captain (Capt)
Flight Lieutenant (Flt Lt)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Lieutenant (Lt)
Flying Officer (Flg Off)
Sub Lieutenant (S/Lt)
Second Lieutenant (2nd Lt)
Pilot Officer (Plt Off)

Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) Ranks

JCOs also wear ranks on the shoulders of uniform.

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Navy

Subedar Major
Chief Warrant Officer
Master Chief Petty Officer
Warrant Officer
Fleet Chief Petty Officer
Naib Subedar
Assistant Warrant Officer
Chief Petty Officer

Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) Ranks

The Non Commissioned Officers rank badges are displayed on arm sleeves.

Pakistan Army

Pakistan Air Force

Pakistan Navy

Battalion Havildar Major
Chief Technician
Petty Officer
Battalion Quartermaster Havildar
Senior Technician

Company Havildar Major
Corporal Technician
Leading Rate
Company Quartermaster Havildar
Junior Technician

Senior Aircraftman
Able Seaman
Lance Havildar
Leading Aircraftman

Naik (Nk)

Lance Naik
Ordinary Rate

All the information given here collected from different online resources including official websites of these three forces. However if anybody found any error or omission in this post, please write it in comments.

Oct 29, 2016

All Information for Issuance of Computerized Number Plates for Old and New Vehicles

Issuance of computerized number plates have been started in Punjab for old vehicles (cars, bikes and commercial vehicles etc). If computerized number plate for your car or motor bike has not yet been issued, you can get it just by paying the fee at the office of Motor Registering Authority. If your number plate has been broken or lost, you can also get issued a duplicate number plate by paying the fee. Price of computerized number plate for car and commercial vehicle is Rs.1200 while for ricksha and motor bike is Rs.750.

Computerized number plates will be delivered at your home address through TCS Courier Service. If you have deposited the fee, you can get status of your number plate by sending your vehicle number, CNIC number, name and address to 9989.

Use printout of following form to apply for issuance of number plate. Visit nearest Motor Registering Authority Office with duly filled application form, original file, registration book, token tax certificate etc.

Click on the following images to see enlarged.

Oct 22, 2016

How to get Pakistan Sehat Card? Details and Requirements for Health Card

Pakistan Health Card aka Sehat Card has been launched in Pakistan for provision of health facilities to common poor people in a respected way. 

Health/ Sehat Card can be used for treatment of any disease that requires the patient to be admitted in the hospital . This health card scheme would enable the entitled poor patients’ access the public and private panel hospitals, even for the treatment of Cancer (Chemo, Radio, Surgery), Heart Diseases (Angioplasty/bypass), Organ Failure (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lungs), Hepatitis/HIV, Diabetes, Kidney Diseases, Dialysis, Pregnancy/ Maternity Services (Normal Delivery/ C-Section), Fractures, injuries and burns.

Currently, people who are living in 23 priority districts and earn less than Rs.200 a day (according to BISP Survey), are the beneficiaries of PM National Health Program.

How to get Pakistan Health Card?

SMS your CNIC number to 8500 and check your eligibility in the program. 
In case you have been declared eligible, you can receive your Pakistan Health Card from the card distribution center in your district.

What is covered under this health scheme?

A family can use up to 250,000 PKR for priority health care services and 50,000 PKR for secondary health care services. Family can benefit from the card till cash limit is available. The scheme would enable the patients' access to public and private hospitals. The limit of medical cover will be up to Rs 0.3 million; however, on exhaust of limit, the treatment would be completed with the financial assistance from the Bait ul Maal 
In case of indoor treatment, the patient is given 350 PKR as transport fare. This facility can only be availed thrice in a year.

Important Points

Bring Pakistan Health Card, Original CNIC and Form-B (only in case of children) while visiting a panel hospital for treatment.
Only indoor treatment (i.e. when you are admitted in the hospital) is covered in this scheme.
If you have any question! Call 0800-09009

Oct 20, 2016

7 Useful SMS Services by Government for Every Pakistani


CNIC Verification (7000)

Now you can get verification of any person’s CNIC. Simply write CNIC Number without dashes and send it to 7000. In reply you will get name and father’s name of that particular CNIC number holder (in Urdu fonts). Example: write 3420654982657 and send to 7000 Charges: Rs. 10 plus tax per Message.

Vehicle Verification Punjab (9966)

You can easily check details about any vehicle with Punjab registration number just by sending an SMS containing registration number of your vehicle to 9966. And you will get all important information on your mobile. For more details visit.

Vehicle Verification Islamabad (8521)

Send Chassis No. (in the form CNO ABCXXXXX) of the any Islamabad registered vehicle to 8521 and you will get all necessary details on your mobile phone. Click here to find details.

SIM Information System (668)

To find out the total number of mobile SIM’s registered against any CNIC, just send CNIC  to 668 through SMS. In return you will receive detail of total SIMs along with name of the mobile companies. It is free of cost service. For details visit.

SIM Ownership Verification (667)

You can send a blank message to 667 to verify your SIM ownership. The response includes the name of the person and the CNIC number. 

Vote Verification (8300)

Write your 13 digits CNIC Number and send it to 8300. The reply message will contain Name, City, Village, Tehsil, District, Electoral Area and Serial Number of the vote. Click here for more details.

ATL Active Tax Payer List Verification (9966) 

Simply type “ATL space 13 digit CNIC No” and send it on 9966 from the mobile phone. This facility may be used to determine filer/ non-filer status of the income taxpayers from the Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

Oct 16, 2016

Now Earn Money through YouTube in Pakistan

Google has recently launched YouTube Partner Program officially in Pakistan. YouTube content creators in Pakistan can now monetize their videos. YouTube is a very rewarding platform where the publishers create amazing videos that people like to watch, and in return they monetize their videos with Google Adsense platform.
Now anyone can create a YouTube channel, upload some videos, register a Google Adsense account, put ads on their videos and start making money. If one is in the YouTube partner program he can monetize videos on his channel and earn money. All you need to do is to turn on monetization after logging into your account and connect your Google Adsense account with YouTube.

Millions of people around the world are literally making money through YouTube partner program. In the past, Pakistanis could only upload their videos on YouTube but they were unable to make any money from YouTube because YouTube Partner Program was not available to Pakistanis.
YouTube allows you to make money on nearly all kinds of content you upload except adult and content that does not meet the standards of Google Adsense program. You can upload any type of videos e.g. video about your hobby, funny videos, interview and educational videos etc. However, only original videos can be monetized.
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How to Earn Money from YouTube

In order to monetize your videos, follow the following steps:
The first step is to create and setup your YouTube account. Enter basic account details such as channel name, the kind of content you will be uploading and a good cover photo for your channel. Now you should enable monetization on your account and sign up for Google Adsense.

Visit after logging in to your account. Press the icon which says Enable “Monetization”. Accept the terms and conditions and connect your adsense account with YouTube. This is only available for users with an Adsense account.

Oct 14, 2016

How to Renew Pakistani Passport Online

Directorate General of Immigration and Passport, Government of Pakistan in collaboration of NADRA has launched online passport renewal service. You can apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport (MRP), if your passport has expired or its validity is less than 7 months.

Currently this service is only available for renewal of Pakistani Passports however you have to visit a Passport Office if you are making your passport first time. Presently this service is available for overseas Pakistanis only. Hopefully this online service will be launched for issuance new passports and for people within Pakistan. It required only less than 20 minutes registering your account and submission of application for Passport renewal. 


Requirements for Renewal of Passport

The following documents are required when applying for renewal of your Machine readable passport online : 
  • Supporting Documents e.g. Copy of your Computerized National Identity Card, Copy of your Old Passport (First Two pages), No-Objection Certificate (NOC) (in case of government employee) are required. If the applicant is less than 18 years of age, he may also require National ID Card copy of parents, Copy of Computerized B- Form. Attestation Form for Minors, Copy of Death Certificate if mother or father is passed away, Guardianship certificate. 
  • Photograph (35mm X 45mm) up to 5MB 
  • Fingerprint form 
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card for online payment of your application fee.

Application Procedure for Renewal of Passport Online

  • Visit 
  • Register your account.
  • In case you are within Pakistan, an SMS and email code will be sent to you for registration. In case you are abroad all required codes will be sent via email only. 
  • Create an application for Renewal of your machine readable passport and provide details for your application. 
  • Provide your address for passport delivery. 
  • Pay Fee through a Credit Card/ Debit Card. 
  • Provide the required personal details. 
  • Provide your present and permanent addresses. 
  • Upload your photograph. 
  • Upload the supporting documents required by the application. 
  • Download the form, capture the 4 fingerprints asked by the system. 
  • Scan and upload the form. 
  • Review the information you provided, sign the declaration and then submit the application.

Fees for Renewal of Passport

The following table outlines the cost involved in applying for renewal of your machine readable passport online:


Oct 12, 2016

5-ways to find details about Unknown Mobile Numbers Online


If you get a call or SMS from an unknown mobile number and you want to get details of the caller. Here are few possible online ways to find details about any mobile number of any country, if it has any record over internet.

Before reading the article, you may watch this video to know step by step ways to find details of unknown caller.

Find Mobile Number details using Facebook

Finding mobile number details using Facebook is very convenient and easy. Just login to your facebook and type the mobile number with country code e.g. 0092333------- about whom you want information. If this mobile number is associated with any facebook account, name and profile picture of the person will be instantly shown. 
Otherwise you can click on search icon, and it will also search within facebook posts. If anybody ever posted this mobile number, facebook will search and show it to you.
You can try searching other social networks too.

Find Mobile Number details using Google

People often write their mobile numbers while posting ads on classified websites and online shopping websites or while commenting on blogs and on many other type of websites. You can try searching mobile number on Google. 

Find Mobile Number details using Whatsapp, Viber and other IM and VoIP

IM and VoIP mobile apps like Whatsapp and Viber etc. have huge collection of mobile numbers with profile picture. Majority of the smartphone users have installed one of these popular apps on their smartphones. If you also have a smartphone, you can use these apps to see profile picture of owner of the mobile phone number. 
There is no complex trick. Just save the number in your contacts with any name. Now open Whatsapp or Viber app etc. and open this new contact in the app. If this number is associated with any account of the app, you can see the profile picture of the person. Try all the popular free calls and messaging apps (e.g. Viber, Whatsapp, Line, imo, Tango etc.) to find the details. Please remember internet should be available on your mobile phone while doing this.

Find Mobile Number details using Truecaller

Truecaller has developed a database of over 2 billion phone numbers and you can search any phone number using this database very easily. It stores the telephone numbers if a person or any of his friend installed the truecaller app on his mobile phone. It is a very useful and amazing free service. Just visit and enter the number in the search bar. And it will show you the result including name and email address if it has in its database. You can also install Truecaller app on your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. I searched some random mobile numbers and it shows details of about 30 percent numbers.

These methods worked for me fantastically. If you found any of these method helpful or have any question, please write in comments. Please share this post with your friends. And bookmark it for future reference and use. 

Oct 11, 2016

How to register Online FIR in KPK Police


How to Register Online FIR in KPK Police?

KPK Police allows people to register Online FIR to get help from the. Now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa citizens can lodge their complaints to police online against any distressful situation and Police will be responsible to help you out. People living anywhere in any district of KPK can use this service without any hassle. 
KPK Police Online FIR
In order to file an FIR, people are required to visit KPK Police website. Where they have to provide some basic details about themselves (i.e. Name, CNIC, Phone Number, District and Police Station) and about the incident (i.e. date, time and place of incident etc).

How to Register Online Complaint against KPK Police?

In case any person have any complaint against KPK Police, a separate webpage has been developed to register such complaints. Where the complainant can register against any personnel of KPK Police from Constable to IG of Police. If any Police Station refuse to register an FIR or you find anyone involved in the corruption, you can use this online service to register your complaint about him and hopefully you will get justice.
Simply pick your district from drop down menu from all the districts of KPK (Abbottabad, Bannu, Batagram, Buner, Charsadda, Chitral, D.I. Khan, Dir Lower, Dir Upper, Hangu, Haripur, Karak, Kohat, Kohistan, Lakki Marwat, Malakand, Mansehra, Mardan, Nowshera, Peshawar, Shangla, Swabi, Swat, Tank, Torghar).
And select the designation against whom you want to register complaint (Constable, Head Constable, Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), Sub Inspector, Inspector, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), ASP, SP, SSP, AIG, DIG and IGP).
Fill other details and submit it. 

It will not only allow citizens to reach police in that simple way but also save them to visit police stations in order to file their complaints against any criminal act. Such type of online services should also be introduced in provinces of Pakistan.

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