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Mar 24, 2015

7 Bollywood Superstars before and after Losing Weight


We always imagine our favorite Bollywood Superstars to be slim, smart and beautiful but actually many actors and actresses who look hot, smart and fit were actually bulky and fat before starting their showbiz career. Being in showbiz, actors have to take extra care of their bodies. While some are naturally blessed with an envious body, others attain it by sheer hard work and strict diet and exercise plans!

Are you also tired of undesired fat issues? Relax! If they can do it, so can you.

Here are 7 Superstars who went from fat to fit.

Zarine Khan

One of the top names is of Zarine Khan for losing weight. Zarine was over 100 kilos before her Bollywood debut, Veer. She worked hard to loss from 100 kg to 55 kg.
Zarine Khan weight loss
Zarine Khan before and after weight loss

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of Anil Kapoor is on number 2. She was a 90 kg bulky lady before she signed her first film Saawariya. She reduced more than 30 kilos to get that beautiful subtle look in the movie.
Sonam Kapoor weight loss
Sonam Kapoor before and after weight loss

Sonakshi Sinha

Well, on number 3, we have the beautiful daughter of Shaturghan Sinha. Sonakshi reduced 30 kilos to get her slender figure for Dabang. She followed a healthy diet and exercise routine to lose the excess weight. Currently, she goes for gym regularly, does cardio and yoga to keep in shape. Sonakshi, before starting her career in Bollywood, she was about 90kg.

Sonakshi Sinha weight loss
Sonakshi Sinha before and after weight loss

Adnan Sami

Adnan Sami is a famous Pakistani singer who later moved to India to join Bollywood. Adnan was a bulky and fat guy, he was 204kg. But in 2007, he lost weight drastically. He lost about 130 kg in only a year. Once he used to travel with a custom-made wheelchair just because of his weight.
Adnan Sami weight loss
Adnan Sami before and after weight loss

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor started the size-zero trend in Indian Film Industry, but she had to go through the battle of the bulge. She was always criticized for her weight when she entered films. But she didn't lose heart, and focused on achieving an attractive shape. Thanks to her dedication, Kareena soon became sleek and smart. She was about 70 kilos before signing her first movie, Refugee. She reduced 20 kilos of weight in a few months.
Kareena Kapoor weight loss
Kareena Kapoor before and after weight loss

Arjun Kapoor

Ladies are not the only who faced weight loss problem, many gents also struggled a lot to come in shape. Arjun Kapoor weighed 130 kilos before joining showbiz. Before starting his career as an actor, Arjun was of 120 kg. In only two years, he lost about 50 kg to look hot in the movies.
Arjun Kapoor weight loss
Arjun Kapoor before and after weight loss

Karan Johar

The leading filmmaker Karan Johar was 120 kilo heavy when he was young. Then he began working on his body and lost a substantial amount of flab.
Karan Johar weight loss
Karan Johar before and after weight loss

Mar 15, 2015

25 Pakistani Actors and Actresses who worked in Bollywood Films


Indian film industry, Bollywood is one of the biggest showbiz industry. Many Pakistani actors and actresses are appearing in Bollywood films these days. Fawad Khan, Imran Abbas, Humaima Malik, Ali Zafar are very popular in Indian Film industry but it would be interesting for you that this is not first time that Pakistani actors are working in Indian movies. Many Pakistani actors have worked in Bollywood since 1980's.
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Following are 25 Pakistani actors who have worked in Bollywood films:


 Salma Agha

Javed Sheikh

Muhammad Ali and Zeba

Tallat Hussain

Zeba Bakhtiar

Mohsin Khan

Somy Ali

Salman Shahid

Anita Ayub

Humayun Saeed


Mikaal Zulfiqar

Mehr Hassan

Ali Zafar



Moammar Rana

Veena Malik

Meesha Shafi

Sara Loren

Sasha Agha

Fawad Khan

Humaima Malik

Imran Abbas

Mar 12, 2015

Why YouTube is block in Pakistan


According to Time Magazine the most popular invention in 2006 is YouTube. It is a free videos sharing website which allowing every individual to watch and share video clips, it’s a place where everyone can express their ideas, give comments, introduce company products, promotions of websites , social networking, advertise your business and also use for fun. Statistical data shows its third most visited websites and More than 100 million people are using YouTube worldwide and more than 65000 videos of different categories are uploaded on YouTube on daily basis. 

YouTube was founded in 2005 February become very popular because of massive media attention, access for very one to upload and share videos, use by business class for advertisements. It’s become good tool to promote or prevents, critics any social, political movements. 

Best advantage of YouTube is not complicate for users, website allows anyone to make and sign up in account for sharing, uploading and watching the videos. Others benefits are good quality for image and videos, free and fast access for very one, verity of videos, giving comments and feedback to news and someone, videos lectures broadcasting of videos worldwide, means of communications, using of Netflix an online videos stores and free publicity of products, company, NGOs, school and university is the most advantages for very one. On other side there are some disadvantages of YouTube e.g. unsuitable videos, use against other religions, cultures, some time not access to YouTube server is big problem. 
How to unblock YouTube in Pakistan without Proxy
Pakistan blocks YouTube when blasphemous videos were released on YouTube on 7th September 2012. Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to remove/ block all the unwanted videos for Pakistani users. But if we look the blocking of YouTube become meaningless because now there are many proxies for block YouTube. 

Beside Pakistan many others countries also block YouTube for different reasons, Armenia blocked because of elections unrests, china block for two times and even Germany also block after the court decision. After London bomb blast in London UK governments wants to limit or block the social media. YouTube also blocked in some states of India because of religious conflicts between Muslims and Hindus, and the world champions of freedom of expressions USA also block YouTube for some time in 2007. 

Many Islamic countries, blocked YouTube because of anti Islamic videos, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Libya, Syria, Tajikistan, turkey, United Arab Emirate, and Saudi Arabia but now it’s open by many Islamic countries. 

Blocking of YouTube creates problems for students, teachers, researchers and businessmen. If we judge the cause of blocking in many countries it’s related to local and light issues, but the blocking of YouTube by many Muslims countries is deep issue, like anti Islamic videos or blasphemous content. 

In first step all the Muslims countries should be committed to address such problems, while YouTube administration should also take step to prevent such elements that use YouTube against any religions, cultures and society. 

Government of Pakistan should ask YouTube administration to remove the anti Islamic videos without any conditions. Muslims countries should also make public platform like YouTube for their masses. 

Author Bio: 
About Asad Khan: I Help Internet users in introducing new ideas about latest technology. Because when you are using internet you need tips related to the internet usage. Currently YouTube is blocked in Pakistan. So nowadays I work on ideas how to unblock YouTube and Unblock Facebook proxy without any installation on your system.

Mar 3, 2015

SIM Verification Procedure for Overseas Pakistanis


Since the SIM re-verification process has been started, Overseas Pakistanis were very curious about verification of their SIMs. Now Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued instructions for SIM verification of overseas Pakistanis. Verification of all SIMs is mandatory but Pakistanis living abroad may adopt any of the following procedure (whichever applicable to them):

For SIMs, present in Pakistan

If you are living abroad but your SIM is present in Pakistan, you can get the ownership of these SIMs changed to a family member who is in Pakistan. Such SIMs along with a relationship should be bought to franchise/service centers of respective operator with request for change in ownership. A proof of relationship with the owner is required for reference.

For SIMs, Operating Overseas on International Roaming

Overseas Pakistanis who have Pakistani SIMs on international roaming don’t have to do anything except only keeping their SIMs active. Your SIM must be ON all the time till it is temporarily verified.

Mobile phone operators will prepare a list of numbers that are ACTIVE on intentional roaming. Preliminary verification of the subscriber with active roaming services will be carried out by respective service provider to assess genuineness of the subscriber.

Overseas Pakistanis may be asked for basic information e.g. CNIC number, mother’s name, date and place of birth, etc. via call to helpline. If preliminary verification is successfully done, CNIC number and SIM registered against it shall be tagged as “Temporarily Verified”. Last date for Biometric verification of these temporarily verified SIMs will be 31 March 2016.

This facility of temporarily verification is not applicable for Pakistani SIMs operating in Afghanistan. However, SIMs on roaming in Afghanistan may be verified by change in ownership.


If you are living abroad and your SIM is not on international roaming or you don't kept your SIM with you and you are also unable to change its ownership to any of your blood relative, you can tell your mobile company the situation. Your SIM will be temporarily blocked/ become unavailable. However you can get your SIM unblocked after verification on your return to Pakistan. Last date for verification of these mobile numbers is also 31 March 2016.

Mar 1, 2015

Prime Minister Youth Skills Development Program


Federal Government of Pakistan has initiated "Prime Minister's Youth Skill Development Program" to alleviate poverty, provide skilled workforce to industry, enhance employment opportunities and to meet international labor market needs. Under this program, total 25,000 unemployed youth (belonging from lower and middle class families) will be provided Skill Development Training in 100 demand driven trades. 

The program is being executed by National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), Government of Pakistan. The duration of Programs is 4 to 6 months (including 1 month On-Job-Training). The selected trainees will be given monthly stipend of Rs. 2,000/- (Rs. 3,000 for FATA Trainees). In few trades free Tool-Kits will also be provided. The training will be provided in 350 public and private sector Technical and Vocational Training Institutes, across the country.

Training will be provided in different fields e.g. Dress Making, Embroidery, Fashion Designing, Beautician, Welding, Auto-CAD, Solar, Poultry, Ceramics,  Quantity Surveyor, Cooking, Chef,  Agriculture, Live Stock, Auto Engineering, IT, Telecom, Electrician, Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Wood-working, Plumbing, Civil Surveyor, Computer, Services,  Heavy Machinery Operator etc.

Eligibility criteria

All young men/women, Pakistani citizens with a valid CNIC between age 18 – 35 years.

Age Limit:

18-35 years


At least have passed 8th Grade

Last Date of Application:

15-03-2015 is the last date of application submission.


Classes will be started from 24-03-2015.

Training Duration:

6 Months


A monthly stipend of Rs.2,000 (Rs.3,000 for FATA trainees) for six months would be paid to each beneficiary of the scheme.


No admission or monthly fees

Number of Trainees:

3052 number of trainees will be trained in this first phase. Total 25,000(estimated) people will be trained under this program.

How to Apply:

Any Pakistani citizen who meet basic criteria, may submit duly filled applications with attested photocopies of educational certificates, domicile, CNIC and 02 passport size photographs in your nearest institute from the list given below below 15 March 2015.


10 percent quota for special/ disabled persons.
05 percent quota for minorities.


For information and inquiries, call Toll Free Number 0800-77000.

Application Form for PM Youth Skills Development Program

Youth Skills Development Program - Application Form

Information and Instructions

Click to enlarge

Courses are being offered in various technical and vocational institutes of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, AJK, Balochistan, Islamabad and FATA.

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