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Pakistani Actresses after Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is very popular among celebrities in the west and even in some developing countries like India and China. Now the plastic surgery trend has started in Pakistani showbiz celebrities as well. 

Makeup, plucking, bleaching, waxing, hair cutting and hair dying were always popular among ladies since centuries but now after technological advancement, they are in search of some permanent type solution for their beauty related issues and here comes the plastic surgery.

Nose job, Botox, Cheek implants, Eyebrow lift and Augmented lips are some of the most popular plastic surgery treatments. After going through such type of treatment, some people became prettier while others lose their natural beauty too; as you can never foresee if it will be fantastic or failure for you.

Here are photos of some Pakistani actresses who have had plastic surgery.

Mehwish Hayat

She was not a popular actress before her surgery, it's only afterward she became so popular and attractive. It is the best example of successful plastic surgery.
Mehwish Hayat before and after plastic surgery

Sadia Imam

She was OK before plastic surgery.  Looks too much plastic.
Sadia Imam before and after plastic surgery

Amna Ilyas

She became a supermodel from an ordinary looking girl, after plastic surgery.
Amna Ilyas before and after plastic surgery

Nadia Hussain

A beautiful face became prettier after minor plastic surgery.
Nadia Hussain before and after plastic surgery

Hadiqa Kiani

She has also gone through plastic surgery.
Hadiqa Kiani before and after plastic surgery


Plastic surgery added beauty to her face.
Noor before and after plastic surgery

Mahnoor Baloch

She looks teenager even in her 40s; thanks to cosmetic surgery.
Mahnoor Baloch before and after plastic surgery

Sara Loren

Sara Loren have done lips job done.
Sara Loren before and after plastic surgery

Amna Haq

A famous supermodel before and after plastic surgery.
Amna Haq before and after plastic surgery

Fiza Ali

Here plastic surgery went wrong.
Fiza Ali before and after plastic surgery

Sidrah Batool

She looks innocent in her early photos.

Sidrah Batool before and after plastic surgery
Sidrah Batool before and after plastic surgery

Nida Yasir

She had done her cheeks implant.
Nida Yasir before and after plastic surgery

Bushra Ansari

She had done face and eyebrow lifting.
Bushra Ansari before and after plastic surgery

Sadaf Kanwal

The worst example of plastic surgery.
Sadaf Kanwal before and after plastic surgery

Please add your comments; who is looking better and who is worst after plastic surgery.


  1. Wow beautiful actresses but they look more beautiful without plastic surgery.

    Hania | Daily Talk Show

  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2017

    Interesting to kmow that all this is fake beauty...