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Dec 21, 2014

Call Pakistan Army Hotline 1135 in case of Terrorism Emergency


1135 helpline
Emergency Helpline 1135

Pak Army has created Hotline 1135 in case of any terrorism emergency. People can use this number if they have any information about any terrorism activity. Information regarding any suspicious activity about terrorism may be shared at Joint Emergency Control Rooms established by Law Enforcement Agencies in Collaboration with Pakistan Army in all major cities of the country.  Eight (08) Joint Emergency Control Rooms are established in Quetta, Mangla, Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur for surrounding areas and districts to protect whole Pakistan from terrorism. 

Region-wise following 08 Universal Access Numbers can be dialed. These numbers can be dialed from any PTCL landline or any Mobile Phone.

Dec 20, 2014

Google Reveals Pakistan's Top Searches in 2014


Google has released top search trends in year 2014 which also include top trends globally and for individual countries, including Pakistan. There are trillion of searches on Google each year which makes top search trends. 

There are several top chart categories for year 2014. Globally Robin Williams topped in "Searches", Robin Williams also topped in "Loss" (he died on August 11, 2014), Jennifer Lawrence in "People", James Rodriguez in "Athletes", iPhone 6 in "Consumer Electronics", Ebola in "Global News", World Cup-2014 in "Google Doodles of 2014", Brazil vs Germany in "World Cup Matches" and Mutant Giant Spider Dog in "YouTube Videos".

Image Source: Google Doodles

Pakistan top charts only include 02 categories. Following are top trending searches in Pakistan:
  1. ARY News Live
  2. Express News Live
  3. PTV Sports
  4. Hiload
  5. Samaa TV
  6. Bigg Boss 8
  7. Baby Doll Song
  8. World Cup 2014
  9. Dhoom 3
  10. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
And following are top trending people in Pakistan:
  1. Robin Williams 
  2. Ayeza Khan 
  3. Tiger Shroff 
  4. Umar Akmal 
  5. Hamid Mir 
  6. Sana Khan 
  7. Lionel Messi 
  8. Gauhar Khan 
  9. Daisy Shah 
  10. Fahad Mustafa

If you want to know more about Top Search Trends in 2014, visit this link.

Dec 14, 2014

Happy New Year Sales and Discount Offers in Pakistan


It is a very common trend in western countries and other developed countries worldwide to offer discounts, sales and free gifts on special occasions by retailers, stores, markets and online stores too. Attractive offers are announced by these retailers on New Year, Xmas, Black Friday, Halloween and Thanksgiving Day in west. Domain name registration and Website Hosting Companies also offer huge discounts on events like New Year.

Recently, in India almost all mega online stores including Amazon, eBay and Flipkart announced unbelievable discounts on a lot of products on the event of Diwali. 

Pakistani retailers also offers discounts on different events occasionally on Eids, Happy New Year. Dress and Shoes brands offer Summer and Winter Sale. Servis Shoes, Bata Shoes and various ready to wear dress brands offer up to 70% discounts at the end of each season. Pakistani Online Stores also offers discounts on various items and daily and weekly deals. Metro Cash and Carry and also offers discount rates and announced via newspapers.

New Year Sale Offers

On the occasion of New Year-2014 following were some hot sales: 
  • PTCL offers 3G Evo at Rs.500 per month
  • ChenOne offers flat 30 percent off on all products including fresh winter arrivals
Let see which retailers offers discounts on New Year - 2015. If you come to know any discount offer, sale offer in Pakistan, please let our readers know by sharing it in comments.

Dec 6, 2014

Made in Pakistan Bullet Proof Vehicle - UQAAB


Pakistan has made a bullet proof vehicle UQAAB, equipped with latest technologies. It is designed for military personnel and VIP transport. Full vehicle is protected with certified CEN B7/NIK IV armor which is equivalent to a 7.62 x 51 mm weapon shooting at 30 meters. Armor includes front, sides, rear, floor and roof. This monster vehicle is designed to protect driver and passengers from any incoming threat from any angle. It is also equipped with several armor enhancements such as a blast mitigation floor mat, provided with a roof turret, machine guns, spring loaded gun ports are integrated at each seat, Heating, ventilation and air condition system, automatic fire engine suspension and heavy duty 300 AMP Alternator. It is built on a heavy duty chassis, equipped with powerful engine and intelligent AWD system. 

UQAAB has the capacity of 8 passengers plus the driver and a co-driver making a total of 10 people. Seating system is designed to protect people from IED. This vehicle is built by Pak Armoring Company.

This armored vehicle was presented in IDEAS 2014 exhibition at Expo Center Karachi (Pakistan).

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