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May 30, 2014

Girls Dance Video of a College in Lahore

Colleges are promoting dance, music and "open environment" which is very dangerous for young generation of Pakistan. Watch this video and share your comments that why such functions are being organized and what should be the role of parents, teachers and government in such situation.

May 24, 2014

"Made in Pakistan" Footballs to be used in FIFA World Cup 2014

Pakistan is known as a cricketing nation but you may not know that footballs, for the upcoming FIFA World Cup-2014 in Brazil, are produced in Pakistan (159th ranked football nation).

A Pakistani company accepted challenge of producing soccer balls when a Chinese supplier Adidas failed to supply. This Pakistani firm has made balls for the German Bundesliga, French League and the Champions League.
Soccer Ball to be used in this mega event has unique design and features. In December 2013, Brazil unveiled the latest soccer ball for the FIFA World Cup 2014 - the Brazuca.

This is a moment of great pride for Pakistan that Sialkot made Soccer Balls will be used in Fifa World Cup-2014. Forward Sports (Pvt) Ltd in Sialkot will be producing 3000 footballs for the event. Sialkot was once the soccer ball production capital of the world - producing about 30 million footballs a year, an estimated 40 percent of global production. But now China and some other countries have also got share. Sialkot is also known for producing cricket bats, hockey sticks and other sports accessories. 
All major news channels and newspapers have published a story about Pakistani Footballs in World Cup. BBC Urdu website also published a story. Indian media also covered this news. CNN has also made a documentary about this; watch it below. 

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Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Soccer Ball

Following photos show workers are working to make footballs for World Cup.

Motorways Plan and Map of M-1 to M-9

Motorways in Pakistan are planned to link major cities with high speed and controlled/limited access roads. Total length of planned motorways in Pakistan is over 2600 kilometers, while operational motorways in Pakistan has a combined length of about 700 km and about 300 km is under construction. Recently Prime Minister has announced to start work on Lahore to Karachi Motorway soon.

Motorways in Pakistan are either 4 or 6 lanes, with all 4 lane motorways are up-gradable to 6 lanes when needed. Pakistan's motorways have a universal minimum speed limit of 60 km/h and a maximum speed limit of 110 km/h for heavy transport vehicles and 120 km/h for light transport vehicles.

Motorways in Pakistan are named with prefix of "M" and followed by a number as M-1, M-2, M-3 etc. 
Names of National Highways are started with "N" as N-1, N-2 etc.
Names of Expressways are started with "E" as E-1, E-2 etc.

It will be interesting to know for many that some sections of motorway can be used as emergency runway for planes of Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Motorways Map

Details of Motorways

M-1 is from Islamabad to Peshawar. It is 154 Km motorway.
M-2 is from Lahore to Islamabad. It is 367 km long.
M-3 is from Pindi Bhattian to Faisalabad. It is 53 km.
M-4 has been planned from Faisalabad to Multan with a total length of 243 km.
M-5 has been planned from Multan to D G Khan with a total length of 84 km.
M-6 is planned from D G Khan to Kakkar with total length of 467 km.
M-7 is planned from Kakkar to Karachi with a total length of 280 km.
M-8 is planned from Gawadar to Ratodero with a total length of 859 km.
M-9 is planned from Karachi to Hyderabad with the length of 136 km.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the planned motorway would be linked with Lahore-Karachi-Gwadar-China.

A View of Motorway M-2

Lady Police Officer of National Highway and Motorway Police (NH&MP)

Motorway Police Patrol 

May 1, 2014

3G Settings for iPhone, Nokia, BlackBerry and Windows Mobiles


Settings for Activation of 3G  Services on iPhone and all other iOS Devices

Use following settings t enable 3G services on iPhone and iPad.
  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Cellular
  • Enable both “Cellular data” and “3G”
Your iOS device will switch between 3G, 4G or 2G network, whichever is available.

Click here for 3G Settings on Android Mobiles

Settings for Activation of 3G  Services on Windows Mobile

Following settings may be used for Mobile Phones and Tablets which are running Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • Go to App List
  • Go to Setting
  • Select Network Type
  • Select 3G
  • Go to home screen and you are done!

Settings for Activation of 3G  Services on Symbian Mobiles

  • Go to Tools
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Phone”
  • Select “Network”
  • Select “Network Mode”
  • Select “Dual Mode”

Settings for Activating 3G Services on Nokia Asha Mobiles

  • Go to Settings
  • Select “Device”
  • Select “Network Mode”
  • Select “Dual Mode” or “3G”

Settings for Activating 3G Services on BlackBerry Mobiles

  • From the home screen, press the BlackBerry icon 
  • Tap Open Tray from the pop up menu 
  • Select Options 
  • Select Networks and Connections 
  • Select Mobile Network 
  • Ensure Data Services is set to ON 
  • Ensure Network Mode is set to 3G  or 3G & 2G
  • Press the End key to return to the Home screen and you have done!

If you are still facing any difficulty to activating 3G/ 4G on your mobile phone, tell us in comments.

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