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Feb 25, 2014

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Top-100 Tax Payers in Pakistan

FBR has issued lists of; Top-100 Salaried Individual Taxpayers, Top-100 Non-Salaried Individual Taxpayers, Top-100 Association of Persons Taxpayers and Top-100 Taxpayer CEOs of Companies. Privilege and Honor Card will be awarded to top tax payers.

Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced "Taxpayers' Privilege and Honor Card Scheme" as an incentive for top tax payers of Pakistan. FBR has issued list of top-100 taxpayers in each of the following categories:
  1. Top-100 Salaried Individual Taxpayers 
  2. Top-100 Non-Salaried Individual Taxpayers 
  3. Top-100 Association of Persons Taxpayers
  4. Top-100 Taxpayer CEOs of Companies
Privilege Cards will be awarded to all of these 400 persons. Benefits of this card includes; Use of VIP Lounges at Airports, Fast Track Clearance at Immigration Counters, Issuance of Gratis Passport, Increase in Baggage Allowance from $500 to $2500, Annual Dinner with Prime Minister at Excellence Award Ceremony, Invitation for Ceremonies of 23rd March, 14 August and other state banquets.

Below are lists of top-100 tax payers in all four categories.


  1. I hope this encourages more people to pay their taxes. For the problems in Pakistan to be solved the first and most important thing is its citizens to realize their responsibilities and pay their taxes.


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