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Feb 27, 2013

Origin of City Names of Pakistan - Part 2

Every city has a very interesting history of getting its name. 

Read how the name of your city derived. Either it was named after its founder or after the family name of its native residents or its name was given on the name of a person to pay tribute. See the history of names of many cities of Pakistan.

Origin of Pakistani City Names

Love of homeland is a natural thing. If we love our country, we also love its cities. All the cities of Pakistan are very beautiful and dear to every Pakistani. Name of a city not only give it a unique identity but also have historical background. 
Read this full article to know history of major Pakistani cities and also know "how these cities got their current names". We have written details in English as well as in Urdu with beautiful relevant images. 

Feb 24, 2013

Smart Cards introduced for Lahore Metro Bus Service


Smart Card has been introduced for Lahore Metro Bus Service. Metro Bus Authority (Government of Punjab) introduced this new smart ticketing system for passengers of Metro Bus Service. Passengers of Metro Bus may now get and use smart card for payment of fares. This is a convenient and time saving way of paying tickets.

Below we have shown; how to get a smart card, how to load balance in it, card price, fares, route maps etc.

Feb 23, 2013

Health Benefits of 16 Common Fruits in Urdu

Almighty Allah has created many fruits which are full of nutritious and beneficial for human. Every fruit has unique taste and many health benefits but usually we eat fruits unknowing its properties, benefits and its good effects on our health. Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, soluble dietry fibres and many other elements and compounds which are very essential to keep human body fit, healthy and strong. Fruits help to minimize cholesterol and fats. 

Feb 16, 2013

World's Tallest Building in Karachi Pakistan

Malik Riaz of Bahria Town signed a deal with Shaikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan (Chairman Abu Dhabi Group) in February 2013 for building world's tallest tower in Karachi, Pakistan. Bahria Town signed the agreement with Abu Dhabi Group, Union National Bank and United Bank Limited. This was Pakistan's biggest real estate investment worth 45bn US Dollars from which 35bn would be invested in Karachi while 10bn US dollars would be invested on projects in Lahore and Islamabad. This deal came to the end within a week by publishing a statement in newspapers.
Read full article for details of this project.

Feb 12, 2013

Should we Celebrate Valentine's Day

In the past few years, many new days/ events have been imported (if I am not wrong) in Pakistan and it has become fashion to celebrate and talk about these events which neither belongs to our culture nor to our values and religion. Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day etc are some of the example of these days. However Valentine's Day got more popularity due to some or other reasons. No doubt, role of electronic media for the promotion of this day is the most important.

Feb 10, 2013

Increasing Trend in Online Buying and Selling of Cars


Due to a large number of cars being imported in Pakistan the buying and selling has been in an upward trend. But we are in the era of Information and Technology and according to a survey the physical buying selling is reducing by the time whereas people are now moving towards online auto classified websites like,,,, and many more.

So we have seen majority of these websites being designed and launched in the past 3-5 year's. As it has become an attractive market and owners of these classified websites have invested only a small amount of capital as compared to any physically handled business. So they entered into a new business era of e-commerce web portal which is giving them handsome amount of profits.

Feb 9, 2013

QMobile Noir A10 vs Other Smartphones

QMobile has recently launched its mid-range android smartphone, Noir A10. Its features and technical specifications are attractive, yet it is available in very affordable price. Many people are talking about it and doing its comparison with mobiles of other companies. So I thought, I should give an honest comparison of QMobile Noir A10 with smart phones of other companies.

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