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Dec 31, 2013

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How to Use Facebook in Urdu

Urdu has become officially Supported Language of Facebook. Now you can use Facebook in Urdu.

Facebook has finally recognized Urdu as Official Supported Languages. Now you can set Urdu as your primary language in Facebook and can enjoy all its features in Urdu.

Facebook has translated all modules, phrase and terms used on Facebook in Urdu. General users from Pakistan also contributed in translation and now almost 95% translation has been completed.

facebook in urdu

How to Set Urdu as Primary Language in Facebook

You can set Urdu as primary language on Facebook simply by clicking English (US) at the bottom of right side bar.

A new pop up window will appear which let you select your language. Here you can select Urdu language and then click Okay button. Your language will be changed to Urdu.

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