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Jul 26, 2012

Matric Result of Punjab Boards


Matric Results 2012

All Boars of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Punjab has announced results of annual matric examination of 2012.

Matric Results of Punjab Boards
Matric Results 

Here is a list of all the boards of Punjab. Click on the link of your board, results can be obtained just by entering your Roll Number.

Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Gujranwala Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Rawalpindi Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Multan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Sargodha Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
DG Khan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
Bahawalpur Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education

Phairi Wala --------- Tradition or A Way to Earn?


Ramadan is here with all its blessings and we are among all those lucky ones who again got a chance to gather these blessings ALHAMDULILLAH. Beautifully decorated and crowded mosques, teeming markets, kachoreez and last but not at all the least “Phairi Wala” are all the belongings of Ramadan. Former belonging is found commonly in the middle or lower middle class areas of Pakistan. Many kids or even elders of elite class are not even aware of this “creature” but a big number residing in small colonies or societies are not only well aware of this but also wait for him with the sight of Ramadan moon.

I also know one such phairi wala who has been doing this work since 20 years. He is called “Bashir Phairi Wala”. According to him, that’s his family occupation and before him, his father used to make wakeup call by beating a drum (dhol). Bashir works at a shop in day time to earn his living and in Ramadan he takes additional responsibility of waking up people for sehri. 

“How much do you earn from this work, Bashir?” I asked him.
“Baji! I don’t perform this work for earning anything.” He replied with a peaceful smile.
“Then why you do this work even if you know that everyone has alarms these days in clocks, mobiles and even digital watches?” I was a bit incredulous.
“These alarms can take my place?” He replied by my looking into my eyes.
“I don’t do this only for the sake of waking up people only. I know they have better sources than me to wake them up. This is a tradition more than an occupation. People wait for me as Ramadan begins. I have been doing this work in this locality for a number of years and people love to introduce their kids to me and tell them about my passion for this work. I feel pleasure in doing this and will continue as long as I am alive and after me my son will continue like I followed my father”. He said with sparkling eyes and moved away.
“ Logo uth jao! Sehri ki tyari kro. Bashir Phairi Wala aa gya.”(O people! Get up for fast. Bashir is here to wake you up.)

I know this shout will follow drum beat every Ramadan as the person doing it considers it a part of tradition more than an occupation and traditions never die. 

Written By
Tehreem Junaid

Jul 24, 2012

Get Free PTCL 3G Evo Nitro USB


Free PTCL 3G Evo Nitro USB Device

PTCL has announced another awesome offer of free Evo Nitro USB during the month of Ramadan. This is named as Evo Nitro Ramadan Offer.

Free PTCL Evo Nitro USB Device
Free PTCL Evo Nitro USB Device
Just pay Rs. 6000 line rent in advance to authorized dealers or at One Stop Shop and get free PTCL 3G Evo Nitro USB Device with 3 months unlimited internet at the speed of 9.3Mbps. It should also worth mentioning here that usual price of device only is Rs.3,999 while per month charges are Rs.2,999. So, normally it would cost you Rs.13,000 but with PTCL Evo Nitro Ramzan Offer you will get more than 50 percent discount by paying just Rs. 6000 for this bundle offer instead of Rs.13,000. This offer is available to only new customers.

PTCL Evo Nitro service is available in more than 70 cities of Pakistan. 

Jul 21, 2012

Poll Result - Most Famous Pakistani Politician


Most Famous Pakistani Politician - Poll Result conducted a poll to find out the most famous Pakistani Politician. For this purpose we created a list of Top-15 Pakistan Politicians with brief introduction of all of these. You can visit that post by visiting following link.
Top-15 Pakistani Politicians
We created a poll with the help of on 10 June 2011 and allow people to participate in this poll in either of the three ways; by visiting the above page about top Pakistani politicians, by visiting any page of this weblog as poll was available on sidebar of all pages or by visiting twiigs poll website. 

Span of this poll is one year and this poll is ended up on 09 June 2012. 

1000 people voted in this poll in about first two months. And I published a post about its results on this weblog. Up to that time Imran Khan was the most famous politician on my poll with 58 percent votes. Mian Nawaz Sharif was on Second, Pervez Musharraf was on third and Mian Shahbaz Sharif on fourth position. While all other could get less than 5 percent votes each, including Altaf Hussain who got 4 percent votes till that time. You can read more about results of first 1000 votes by visiting following link.
First Poll Result
Altaf vs Imran
Poll was running slowly and steadily, then Altaf Hussain suddenly taken over the poll and reached on top by getting 43 percent votes at the end of the poll. Altaf Hussain left Imran Khan and others behind.
This poll also got 138 comments on its blogpost page, 21 comments on twiigs page and many comments on Facebook and other social media networks.

Final Poll Result

Following is the final result of the poll.

Altaf Hussain (MQM) - 43 %
Imran Khan (PTI) - 33%
Mian Nawaz Sharif (PML-N) - 9%
Mian Shahbaz Sharif (PML-N) - 6%
Pervez Musharraf (APML) - 6%
Asif Ali Zardari (PPP) - 2%
Javed Hashami - 2%
Shaikh Rasheed (AML) - 1%
Asfandyar Wali Khan (ANP) - 1%
Ch. Aitzaz Ahsan (PPP) - 1%
Ch. Shujaat Hussain (PML-Q) - 0%
Ch. Pervez Ellahi (PML-Q) - 0%
Maulanan Fazl-ur-Rehman (JUI-F) - 0%
Ch. Nisar Ali Khan (PML-N) - 0%
Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani (PPP) - 0%

Above poll was conducted by with the help of a third party and the results are representing only a limited community of Pakistan. While other people of Pakistan may have different opinion.
As this was an online poll and anybody could participate in it. We can not give any surety about correctness of the result, As we had not direct control over it. Even chances of rigging night also be involved by people to influence the poll results.
If you have any views or comments, you are welcome to share in comments section below.

NADRA to Introduce Smart CNIC - Secure and Multipurpose Identity Card


NADRA to Introduce Smart NIC in Pakistan

NADRA is going to introduce new Identity Card, Smart NIC. According to resources this is the world's most secure and multi-purpose NIC. This new SNIC will be launched on 14 August, 2012. Price of Smart NIC is wtill to be fixed. Cabinet will give approval of Smart NIC before formal launch.

NADRA will soon introduce New Smart NIC
NADRA will soon introduce New Smart NIC

New Smart National Identity Card will come with 36 security features while existing CNIC has 16 security features. A Micro-Chip will also be installed on this card, which will keep biometric data of the holder. These features will make this card World's Safest and Most Secure Identity Card.

NADRA's New Smart NIC is also a multidimensional and multi-use card which can also be used in many other ways. It can also be used as Credit Card, NADRA is negotiating with banks to provide this facility. Holder will also be able to avail various other services of public interest e.g. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Branch-less Banking, Money Transfer, Money Disbursement in Flood Earthquake and other Natural Disasters, e-Gate Facility on Motorway and many other such useful facilities. It can also be used for online voting in national elections.

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) has already set many good examples in IT and e-Government Sectors. Smart NIC is also another milestone towards excellence.

Chairman NADRA M. Tariq Malik gave briefing to the PM and cabinet about the features of Smart NIC. He said that new NIC would help the government to make Pakistan a welfare state. He also told that NADRA has already issued over 92 million identity cards to the eligible voters and about 96 percent of the adult population of Pakistan has been registered with NADRA.

Read latest article about Smart ID Card
NADRA has launched Smart National ID Cards

Jul 19, 2012

How to Unsubscribe/ Deactivate Mobile Dial Tunes?


How to Unsubscribe Mobile Dial Tunes?

People often use dial tunes to say something or to play a movie dialogue or to play a song even before they pick up their caller phones. Every mobile telecom has its own sets of features for dial tunes. We noted that it is very easy to find online "how to activate dial tunes" but sometimes it becomes complex to find a way to unsubscribe. So, we created this page for those people who want to unsubscribe or deactivate caller tunes. Just pick your company and do the given 1 step to deactivate dial/ caller tune.

Zong Dial Tunes

Dial 230 and select unsubscribe or Send SMS to 230

Telenor Smart Tunes

Dial 230 and select unsubscribe or Send SMS to 230

Mobilink MobiTunes

Dial 230 and select unsubscribe or Send SMS to 230

Ufone UTunes

Send SMS to 666 for unsubscription. 
You can also temporarily off UTunes by sending SMS to 666. If you have just make it OFF, you can make it ON any time by sending SMS to 666.

Warid Caller Tunes

Send SMS space to 7171

Jul 10, 2012

Free Mobile SIMs for Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims


Free Mobile phone SIMs for Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims

Pakistani Hajj Pilgrims at Khana Kaaba
Khana Kaaba

Pakistani Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims will get a free mobile phone SIM from a Saudi Arabian mobile phone operator, Mobily. These SIMs will be given to pilgrims to stay connected with their family at home. Hajeej International and Aroma Group of Companies jointly sponsored this scheme of free SIMs. Now Pakistani Hujjaj and Umrah Pilgrims will perform their religious duties more devotedly and with more peace of mind while previously a pilgrim spent a lot of time to buy a local SIM to use while his stay in Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that Pakistani telecom operators also offer many attractive packages for Hajj, including free international roaming activation, less roaming charges and free SMS receiving on their Pakistani SIMs during roaming in Saudi Arabia. Pakistani companies also offers competitive call rates during hajj every year and it is hoped that new affordable rates will also be announced this year.

While according to NDTV report, The Hajj Committee of India will also distribute free SIMs of a Saudi Telecom Company among Hajj Pilgrims of this year. These SIMs will be distributed with the help of Saudi Government. These SIMs will carry important telephone numbers of Hajj Committee of India, Indian Officials in Makkah, Hospital and Emergency telephone numbers.

Jul 7, 2012

Students LTC Green Card Scheme launched in Lahore


Green Card Scheme launched for Students of Lahore

Government of Punjab has officially launched Students Green Card Scheme today. This card will be issued to girls and boys students to make their travel facilities better and affordable. Initially this card is being issued for Lahore Transport Company Buses only however Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif said on his Facebook Page that this Student Green Card will be launched all over the Punjab soon.

Students travelling by LTC bus will be charged a flat rate of Rs.10 per trip for all the 53 routes of Lahore Transport Company. Chief Minister has specially announced that for the first 10 days from launch Rs.10/ day will be charged from Students. LTC Bus Routes not only cover all the main routes of Lahore but these buses also go to nearby cities and locations of Lahore e.g Sheikhupura, Kasur, Raiwind, Kamonki, Manga, Wahga...

How to Get Registered for Student Green Card?

  • Visit following URL to fill application form
  • Print of your application form will be sent to your college, university or institute.
  • You will attach 02 passport size photographs, card fee and CNIC or Form-B along with your printed application form to your institute. They will send it to LTC.
  • LTC will then issue your Green Card and send it to your college. 
  • Get your card and enjoy affordable travels for the term.
Student Green Card fee is Rs.40 for six months and Rs. 60 for one year. 

Jul 4, 2012



Since I moved to a new and rather distant locality of Lahore, my office is now 25 km from home. My daughter goes to a college which again is almost 25 km from home; there is about 12-13 km which is common on these two tracks that we have to follow to reach our work places.

It has since been a routine to take the new Ring road from DHA, take the Harbanspura exit, drop her and then, take the city route to Mayo Hospital. On 28th of June there was a sign of diversion just after the Air port exit, on the Ring road. Since we are so used to these signs, whether on account of a V.I.P, some sinking of the road, some unexpected strike or protest etc, there could be a thousand apparently acceptable reasons that we take no time in following the instructions. I have yet to recall a single uninterrupted journey, without a diversion to Gujranwala ever since I was a small child, when we first realized that apparently it was a double, rapid transit, Highway between the two adjoining cities. It was perhaps built in anticipation of the increase in the number of daily commuters on this segment.

Pedestrian Collapse in Lahore
Pedestrian Collapse in Lahore 

It however never crossed my mind that half of the newly constructed, as they say till smelling new overhead pedestrian bridge could have come down on a truck before even completion of the project. It was even more difficult to imagine the bridge having passed all technical, material and physical tests, supposedly before, being approved, to be opened to the public.  It was even more difficult to imagine such an imposing structure not allegedly being able to withstand the impact of a truck.  If the impact of the truck brought it crumbling to the ground, Lahore is then in a grave danger with millions of tonnes of concrete and metal hanging over our heads. This becomes even more alarming when you also take into account that we often experience tremors and jolts because of the fault line that travels through the length of the country. We fall in a Seismic zone. Perhaps we would be better off with traffic jams but without this booming danger over their heads, if the level of competence and predictable safety of these projects is at this level. The authorities need to look into this more seriously and objectively. The development and growth of the west is based on one fundamental principle and that single principle is quality, both in designs, execution and systems of maintenance, as well as accountability. Learning lessons, which then need to be recorded for reference, not just to be slipped under the carpets, is what prevents a recurrence of these tragedies. 

Yesterday I decided to take a full exploratory ride on the Ring road and rather than taking the route through the city, decided to go all the length and then take the exit to the District courts, to reach Mayo Hospital. That was an eye opener. There are legally allowed U turns, where the divider has been breached at places either by the local people, or by the authorities themselves in response to the demands of some influential people.

There are strategically carved, complimentary cuts also, to enable people to enter the ring road on one side, go against the one way traffic for a furlong and then move over to the other side through the breached divider. This is all happing in broad day light or a regular basis. The sudden appearance of cars and jeeps in the fast lane on the wrong side from the opposite direction can be a frightening and very confusing situation, as you don`t expect that. The possibly fatal accidents that inevitably will follow will not even make news as the death of a simple, innocent, law abiding citizen due to the act of a more influential law breaking individual hardly is news in this society, it is rather a norm. News is created when a bridge falls due to the impact of a truck, allegedly due to the mistake of the poor driver or the truck itself. The principle in Pakistan today is undisputed; power can make holes, and break bridges whether the power is in the dumper truck or in the powerful elite. 

Perhaps we are now like a net, which was once described by a comedian as a structure made, by joining many holes. We are living precariously clinging to the loose strands joining the holes. 

Our future depends on repairing the holes and sending power to where it belongs, to the people and not the ruthless ruling elite.

About Author:
Professor Mahmood Shaukat (MBBS, FRCS) is the Chairman of Paediatric Surgery Department of  King Edward Medical University/ Mayo Hospital Lahore. This is his 3rd article for Pakistan Hotline. Admin of this weblog is very thankful to him for the precious time he is giving to

Jul 2, 2012

Top 50 Websites of Pakistan


Top-50 Websites of Pakistan

Here is a list of Top-50 Most Popular Pakistani websites. These are 50 most popular Pakistani websites. This list does not include all the websites which are popular in Pakistan but only include websites which are  developed in Pakistan, by Pakistanis or for Pakistanis. So that's why you will not find many popular website names e.g. Facebook in this list. However some worldwide websites have country specific domain for different countries e.g. so if a website has a .pk domain for Pakistan and that specific website with .pk domain name is also popular in Pakistan then this website will be considered for ranking here. This list is based on many factors and Alexa rank is one of these.

Top-50 Pakistani Websites
Top-50 Pakistani Websites

Google is on #1. It is the most visited website in Pakistan. People visited this website to make Pakistan oriented searches. Google also offer searches in Urdu language. You can read news, watch videos of programs and also watch live Geo TV.

It is the most popular Free Classified Ads website and is on #2. It is a portal type ads website. This website is categorized by regions, cities and ad types. You can search and post free ads to sell and buy things.

Online edition of Daily Jang is on #3. It is the most popular Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Read news, articles, reviews and columns online. 
Geo TV Channels are also owned by Jang Group.

Online edition of Daily Express Newspaper is on #4. You can read full newspaper of all editions (Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi) of Daily Express. You can also read old newspapers on this website.
Express News and Express Entertainment TV Channels belonged to this group. is the 5th most popular Pakistani website of Pakistan. You can read news, watch programs and also can watch live GEO TV.

It is Pakistan’s most popular website for jobs, employment and recruitment. You can post your CV, find jobs and apply online through this web portal. Companies can also post jobs, search potential workers and hire online.

This is a news website. News is in English language. The Express Tribune presents latest Pakistani news about politics, showbiz, business, sports and life style. You can also post classified ads and search jobs.

HafeezCenter is also a famous classifieds website but it mainly deals with electronics items; Computers, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Cameras, UPS and Generators. They also offer discounts on various products under power deals section. This website has various independent websites for all the major cities of Pakistan. These cities specific websites are hosted on sub domains.

This classified website emphases on sell and buy ads of cars, motor bikes and other vehicles. While mobiles, computers and properties are also listed on Design of this website is more user friendly as compared to other classified websites of Pakistan.

It is very popular website among unemployed people of Pakistan. They surf this website to browse newspapers ads. They have database of ads of many newspapers e.g. Jang, Express, Dawn, Nawa-e-Waqt, News, Nation etc. Ads of Jobs, Admissions and Tenders are today and previous newspapers are available on this website.

This is the official website of English Daily Dawn Newspaper. It is comprehensive news website which covers each and every Pakistani news e.g. Latest News, Breaking News, World News, Business News, Science and Technology, Entertainment News, Sport News, Cricket, South Asia News etc. Dawn group has also its News TV Channel.
News in Urdu are also presented in a separate section of this website.

Hamari Web is a very well designed online portal. It has lot more to offer its visitors from News to Interesting Stories, Cricket to Weather, Urdu Search to Chatting, Online TV to Games, Videos to Funny Images, Directory, Dictionary, Shopping, Web Hosting and much more. They also offer you to create you own personalize web page with them free.

Zem TV is a website for collection of Pakistani videos. Watch TV Shows, Talk Shows and Political Scandals. You can also watch live Pakistani TV Channels. Visitors can also submit their videos.

This is the most visited mobile phone related website of Pakistan. Specifications and prices of mobile phones are given on this website but prices of many mobiles are not correct ant out dated. People often use this website to sell and buy used mobile phones.

The News is the English Newspaper of Jang Group and its website is on 15th number. News categorized in various sub categories. Latest News and Top Stories are featured on home page.

ProPakistani is the most popular blog of Pakistan. This blog mainly covers Telecom, IT and Politics News. is the most popular forum of Pakistan and overall it stands on 17th position in Pakistan. People mainly discuss Pakistani politics on this forum.

This is the official website of Virtual University of Pakistan. This is an online university and students use this website to get in contact with the university. They get lectures and ask questions to their teachers online via this website. They submit their quizzes and assignments online. Every student has its unique user area where he can access to be updated about his learning activities.

Listen and download Pakistani and Indian Songs, Ghazals, Movie Songs and Bhangra Songs etc. You can also read reviews of latest movies here.

Website of Dunya News TV Channel is on number 20. You can watch Dunya TV online or listen audio only of these programs.  You can also watch videos of Dunya TV Programs. Dunya TV also presented many entertainment programs; Hasb-e-Haal, Butt Tameezian…

Travian is an online multi player strategy game. As a player, you can build your own empire. Travian is one of the most popular browser games in the world. Other countries have their own country specific domain names for website of this game.

It is a Jobs website; destination for jobseekers and a perfect HR solution for companies in Pakistan. offers online job search. Job Seekers and Employers have separate sections.
It is a favorite educational website. It has colleges, universities, programs, admissions, educational news, jobs, test preparation, photos, videos, directories…

Shophive is Pakistan’s premier online shopping portal for mobiles, laptops, cameras, LCDs, projectors, home appliances, gadgets, printers, home electronic appliances, electronics, car audio, DVD audio video and many other things. You can pay money at the time of receiving gadgets.

Pakistan Hotline is one of the most popular blogs of Pakistan. People visit this weblog to read latest and trending IT and politics news about Pakistan. You can also comment on posts and articles.

Home Shopping is another online shop. It has wide variety of products, you can order online without paying in advance. You will pay money at the time of receiving your parcel from courier service at your doorstep. Their rates and customer support is superb.

Telenor is a GSM based mobile phone service provider. This website provides tariff and packages details and online Telenor account maintenance.

Ufone is a PTCL owned mobile phone service provider and this is its official website.

Official website of Warid Telecom, a mobile phone service provider.

Read online Daily Nawa-i-Waqt newspaper. It is published from three cities; Lahore, Karachi and Multan and you can read all these editions on this website.

This is website of Samaa News TV Channel.

This is official website of National Testing Service which held various types of tests for students, universities and other departments. NAT and GAT are two very popular tests in Pakistan. These tests assess the talent, aptitude and caliber of students.

Wi-Tribe is a wireless broadband company in big cities of Pakistan. You can order products, pay bills, see packages and coverage map of wi-tribe on this website.

Website of Daily Nation Newspaper stands on 34th position in Pakistan.

PKNIC administrates Pakistan Specific TLD .pk domain name including registration and DNS for .pk domains.

This is a website for forex market of Pakistan. It provides open market; inter bank and international currency rates and gold rates. There is also an online currency converter.

This is the official website of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited. View latest packages of PTCL and PTCL news. You can also get customer support of PTCL through this website.

It is the most popular fashion and style website of Pakistan. It has latest beauty, style, fitness, fashion, health and lifestyle articles and news.

It is the most popular web hosting and designing website of Pakistan. It offers domain registration, web hosting, web developing and reseller hosting services in Pakistan. A dedicated team is running this website.

Khabrain Group is also one of the largest news groups of Pakistan. Daily Khabrain newspaper and Channel 5 News TV Channel are part of this group. 
Read Urdu news on this website.

This website provides games related stuff and news to Pakistanis.

It is an English news website of Pakistan.

Urdu Point is an online source of Urdu News, Urdu Newspapers, Urdu Poetry and many more things in Urdu language.

IT Dunya is an IT related Urdu forum for Pakistanis.

This is a popular forum mainly about Pakistani Defense, political, geo-political and world issues. This forum stands on 45th position.

This is a Pakistani Forum for gup shup, Lollywood movies, showbiz, songs and dramas.

Symbios is one of the top online shops. You can buy online from this website. Thousands of products are available.

Lahori Mela is a fun website for showbiz news, sports and educational news, Islam and events in Lahore and Pakistan. is an online shop. You can buy mobiles, laptops, tablets, printers, LCDs, Gaming Consoles, scanners and projectors on this website.

It is a Yellow Pages trade directory of Pakistan. Any one can search businesses or find businesses by category.  You can also search PTCLs 2006 directory. You can find companies and persons or can find phone numbers of persons and companies by entering names.

Some Facts about This List

There are some interesting points related to this list of 50 top Pakistani Websites. These facts will help us to analyse interests and trends of Pakistani internet users; what they like the most and what they don't like.
  • 13 out of 50 websites are of popular Pakistani print or electronics news media.
  • This list includes 4 classified websites.
  • This list includes 2 websites about jobs and employment.
  • Two websites about games, 1 about fashion and 1 about songs are included in this list.
  • There are 3 education related websites including an university's website.
  • 4 websites in this list offers online shopping.
  • 5 websites are of telecom companies.
  • There are also 2 websites about web hosting and domain registration.
  • 10 websites from this list are either fully in Urdu language or offer partial content in Urdu.

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