May 24, 2012

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Online Vehicle Verification System launched for Sindh

Online Vehicle Verification System

Government of Sindh (Pakistan) has launched an online system for verification of Sindh registered vehicle numbers e.g. cars, vans, motorcycles etc. This verification portal is created by Excise and Taxation Department of Sindh Government. This is a great achievement towards e-Government system.

To use this facility visit following link to go to Vehicle Verification Portal.

You can verify ownership of any car or other vehicle number of Sindh. Just enter the number of a vehicle in the search box given in the portal , Select one option by clicking the radio button "4 Wheelers Verification"or "2 Wheelers Verification", write Captcha Code and press Enter and you will get all the important information of that vehicle.

You will get following information about that vehicle:
  • Registration Number with Date
  • Tax Payment
  • Owner Name
  • Make of Vehicle
  • Make Year
  • Body Type
  • Model Year
  • Engine Number
  • Horse Power
  • Seating Capacity
  • CPLC etc

There are no charges for this service, you can use it free at your convenience in your home or office. Number can be found on number plates of all vehicles. 

Click here, if you want to know details about verification of vehicles registered in Islamabad and Punjab.


  1. Verify All Vehicles Online With Complete Detail tesxt or call 03055561873

    1. if i send only chases number can u verify reply me 03442844181

    2. yes 03055561873

  2. if i give you my cnic number cab you tell me is there any vehicle register on my name

  3. how to check stolen car record & how to register stolen car with 8521


    1. If i give u my cnic no. Can u tel me , hw much vehicals registered on my name

  4. Ce1200012992
    Plz send me above mention cheses no car detail

  5. Plz send complete verification tax ect of car AGQ-453