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Jan 7, 2011

NConnexion Pakistan – 30 Users on a Single CPU at the Same Time


NConnexion Pakistan

NConnexion is a leading Pakistani IT Company which is authorized NComputing Service Provider in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. NConnexion provides inexpensive Virtual Desktop Solutions to its customers.

Virtual Desktop Technology in Pakistan
Though this technology is new in Pakistan and other countries of this region e.g. Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but it has a very great exposure in Pakistan and other neighborhood countries as Pakistan has proved itself an IT focused nation. Government of Punjab has agreed to provide more than 65,000 NComputing Virtual Desktops in about 4,300 schools.
Single CPU for Many Desktops

Why NComputing?
NComputers are 50~70 % cheap than traditional desktop computers. And these virtual computers are almost maintenance free. NConnexion devices have no moving parts as in CPU, so no need to change, replace or maintain any part. It also reduces your electricity consumption of computer up to 90%.

NConnexion’s Products/ Packages
NConnexion offers 3 different types of products according to its customer needs i.e. X-Series, U-Series, L-Series for 11 users, 10 users and 30 users over a single CPU but each user have its own Display Screen, Key Board and Mouse linked with CPU via a separate NConnexion Device for each individual. NComputing U170 is a USB type Plug & Play type device; it got more popularity than others in Pakistan.
There are also many software available by NComputing.

Usage of NConnexion Virtual Desktops
These virtual desktops are very useful for colleges, schools, universities, offices and even in homes where parents want to give a separate work station for each child.

Contact NConnexion
You can contact to get more information about this technology or to buy this device Here

Jan 4, 2011

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Assassinated in Islamabad – News

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer is assassinated in Islamabad near Kohsar Market. One of his guards shot him with gun firing. Murderers name is Mumtaz Qadri, according to News Channels. He belongs to Elite Force. 9 bullets are fired at Governor Punjab SalmanTaseer. Salman Taseer was admitted in Poly Clinic’ Emergency but his life could not be saved. 6 Guards including Qadri has been arrested by Islamabad Police, Kohsar Police Station. Forensic Evidences and Crime Scene are being taken by concerned Security Agencies.
The killing of Salman Taseer is the most high-profile assassination of a political figure in Pakistan since the assaination of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto in December of 2007.
Governor Punjab Salman Taseer met with Qamar Zaman Kaira last time today. Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan is informed during a meeting. Asif Ali Zardari terminated all his current activities after this incident.

It is being reported by News Channels that Governor Punjab is killed due to his statements about Tauheen-e-Risalat Act of Pakistan, as said by the assassin.

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